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tv   Today  NBC  September 24, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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good morning, it's not over. more gunfire and more explosions at the nairobi mall. hostages remain inside and a top kenyan official claims americans are among the attackers. we'll be there live. face to face, all eyes on the u.n. this morning where president obama and the new president of iran are bothet to speak. will the two leaders make history today with a one-on-one meeting? and vice president joe biden gives al an up close look at flood ravaged colorado in an exclusive interview today, tuesday, september 24th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer
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and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer alongside al roker and natalie morales. welcome back. you've been talking about that story out in colorado for the better part of a week. you got to see the damage firsthand. >> we really did. it's stunning. you have to see it as well. when you see it in person, not within the confines of your television set, it literally takes your breath away. >> good to have you back. we'll see that interview with the vice president coming up. >> we're baby crazy around here. on monday we began our week-long series called "born." we shared amazing moments when couples had their babies live on tv. well, this morning, not to be outdone, a live conception. before your mind goes crazy with that, we're in an operating room as a couple undergoes in vitro fertilization procedure. could be pretty amazing to see. >> before that, the rapidly
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changing situation in nairobi where a bloody standoff between somali-based militants and kenyan forces have moved into a fourth day. let's get right to ron allen with the latest. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. the kenyan government continues to insist that the situation here is under control and what basically is happening now, they say is a mopping up operation. also today a top kenyan official continues to insist that u.s. citizens were among the fighters who carried out the attack. this morning, kenyan soldiers still working to secure the besieged mall seemed to encounter more resistance. they appeared to carry a body bag from the building and in the past few hours, al shabaab, the militant group that claimed responsibility for the attack said their fighters are still holding their ground, following the effort to end the siege that began saturday. the government said it was in
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full control of the situation combing the four-story mall from floor to floor to make sure it's safe. they believe all hostages are released adding the enemy will continue to spew propaganda. it remains unclear what happened to the remaining hostages and perhaps as many as ten, and the gunmen, as many as 15, according to the government. meanwhile, kenyan's foreign minister says u.s. citizens were among the militants. >> from the information we have two or three americans and so far i've heard of one brit. >> and the brit was a british born woman. >> woman. she has done this many times before. >> reporter: she is referring to samantha luthwate, " white widow" the wife of one of the london bombers that attacked the transit system in 2005. they posted a list on social media of those behind the attacks claiming some were from minnesota.
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home to the largest somali population in america. sources say the issue won't be resolved until the identities of the gunmen are confirmed with forensic evidence. meanwhile, we're learning more about the victims, a british architect and his harvard educated wife who were expecting their first child in two weeks. as for the militants, authorities here say three were killed during the operation. another ten people were arrested in connection with what happened here. two at the airport reportedly. but the big concern is the hostages. >> all right, ron allen in nairobi. thanks so much. >> let's turn to roger who was a member of the national security counsel and worked in somalia shortly before the black hawk down incident. he is now an nbc news terrorism analyst. good morning. good to see you. >> you too, savannah. >> we have heard from kenyan's foreign minister that americans are among the attackers. how much stock do you put in those claims? do you consider that to be
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credible? >> it's certainly credible. it's an official foreign source, the foreign minister. the u.s. government is going to pass judgment until they had a chance to confirm identity. if it proves to be true then it's very significant because al shabaab has not used westerners and americans in an attack outside of somalia up to this point. >> it would be significant strategically, of course. i wonder if it would be significant symbolically. would it be considered a big propaganda victory if al shabaab were able to say, we had americans among the perpetrators here. >> well it's interesting. they were all about trying to create the islamic state inside somalia and have been defeated from obtaining that objective and now the question is, is al shabaab looking to conduct attacks inside somalia but also
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outside against the governments that supported anti-shabaab forces. it's a broad international appeal if this is true and true a source of potential revenue. outside do donators will give money because you believe they demonstrated capability. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, leaders are gathered here in new york for the united nations general assembly. a lot at stake. as the president, president obama, addresses the body today as does the new president of iran, rouhani. but will the two leaders actually meet each other? nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the latest on what we can expect. >> reporter: president obama is about to speak just moments from now at the u.n. one of 34 leaders addressing the general assembly today. but the big question is, whether he will have even a casual interaction with the newly elected president of iran.
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ready for his close up on the world stage, iran's new president, rouhani arrived in new york on monday and even posted pictures of his arrive on twitter. with them both set to deliver speeches at the u.n. today, will they meet face to face? the choreography is delicate. president obama is set to address the u.n. this morning and joins a lunch hosted by the secretary general which rouhani does not plan to attend. they could still have an encounter, say u.s. officials, somewhere in the corridors. that carries some political risk for president obama, because rouhani isn't due to speak until later in the day at the u.n. the white house has no idea what he might say. if they do meet it will be the first encounter between u.s. and iranian leaders in more than three decades. the two presidents have already exchanged letters as rouhani told ann curry. >> the tone of the letter was positive and constructive. >> reporter: still, the white house has to reassure key allies like israel who say iran cannot
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be trusted. bill clinton told judy woodruff we should proceed cautiously. >> reporter: with all the motorcades of heads of state, and bill clinton's annual initiative under way, midtown manhattan is wall-to-wall cars, cars going nowhere. >> it's a mad house and they with closing every street down. it's impossible to get around the city. >> reporter: now, if president obama and iran's president do meet today, possibly even if rouhani surprises the u.s. and shows up for lunch, it would be the first test of whether this is a new opening or just a charm offensi offensive. matt and savannah. >> andrea mitchell, thanks, here in new york, we appreciate it. new developments this morning that mass shooting in chicago last week. natalie has more on that. >> good morning, guys. two men are under arrest this morning in chicago following last week's shooting at a city park. that shooting wounded 13 people,
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including a 3-year-old boy. the two suspects arrested last night are facing attempted murder and other charges but police don't think either pulled the trigger. they are still investigating. firefighters in southern california are struggling to contain a raging fire burning near azusa, which could threaten a number of homes there. officials have been fighting the fire on the ground and from the air. now wall street and what is moving the markets. cnbc's courtney reagan is joining us. >> more than four years after emerging from a government-sponsored bankruptcy, chrysler filed paperwork to go public. the ceo wants fiat to acquire all of chrysler. he hasn't been able to executive the deal so far. the proceeds of the $100 million chrysler ipo will go entirely to the trust for retired workers. meantime, investors are again focused on the housing market. lenar posting better than
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expected numbers. natalie, back to you. courtney reagan, thanks so much. weeks after a -- about people cutting lines at disney land, they are changing policy for people with disabilities. until now this be they would be ushered to the front of the line for rides at disney theme parks. then came the report that some were abusing the system by hiring the disabled to get themselves on rides quicker. now, guests with disabilities will have to go to the ride and then they'll have to come back at a designated time. off the cuff comment monday from president obama caught on an open mike has lots of people talking today. nbc's political director chuck todd is here to tell us more. >> this has always been fun to track. look, they're all like us, a little bit human. they say there's no tougher critic of smoking but a reform smoker. but for the president, he is not the tough critic. he admitted he doesn't smoke anymore out of fear of backlash
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from the first lady. >> the president caught on an open mike bragging to a fellow world leader about finally beating the smoking habit. the president's battle with smoking has been chronicled throughout his political career and the person most responsible for him quitting, so he says, has been the first lady. >> that was one of my prerequisites for, you know, entering into this race, is that, you know, he couldn't be a smoking president. >> while the president claimed monday to have been smoke-free for six years, it was just four years ago that he admitted he wasn't quite cured. >> as a former smoker, i constantly struggle with it. have i fallen off the wagon sometimes? yes. >> reporter: finally in 2010, the president along with his personal aide marvin nicholson both tried to quit together. with the help of nicorette pulled it off. as you know, we see him chewing gum a lot. it's not because he loves
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dentyne. by the way, the first reason for the golf obsession in the first year, that's where he could smoke without the first lady seeing. she never saw it. that was always the deal. >> he exaggerated a little. >> shocking. >> are you shocked? >> he exaggerated a little in terms of how long he hasn't had a cigarette. >> i think it's how long he's not had a cigarette in front of the first lady. >> he told that leader he scored 54 points in a pickup game at the white house. >> i think he does always score 54 points. >> that's not rigged. let's get a check of the weather. >> we're all scared of our wives, too. there you go. let's show you what we have going on. basically we are talking about more and more rain in florida. it will not stop. we've been telling you about this for about a week and a half. why? well, we've had a stationary front. stationary it is. it has been stuck along the gulf coast. it is just staying there. low pressure will develop along
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that front and as it does, we're going to see that low pressure make its way, bringing waves of low pressure and waves of moisture into florida. so a look at what we've got. we're talking about anywhere from three to five inches of rain. as you get into the orlando area, 1 to 2 inches, as you head south, half an inch down around miami. this is going to go on through tomorrow, 3 to 5 inches, flood watches and warnings in effect. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's going to be a breezy day turning windy by this evening. but temperatures overall cooler by about 3 to 5 degrees and where we ended up yesterday. 77 degrees on the way to livermore. 71 in fremont and 66 degrees in san francisco today. 71 beautiful day shaping up in san jose. warmer toward the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. we told you at the top of the show, joe biden, the vice president was in colorado to assess the severe flood damage left by those torrential rains that hit a lot of the state last week. >> that's right. i got to catch up with the vice president and fema director william fugate at buckley air force base in aurora after the tour of the flood ravaged area touched down. >> good to see you. >> good to see you.
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>> in the fly over what did you see and how did it affect you? >> the thing i saw was so much isolated devastation, right up through some of the small areas, imagine 20 feet of water coming down there, ripping out entire highways. i'm sure you saw it. so the isolation is what impressed me and the people who are stuck there. >> mr. vp, what do you see as critical need now? >> i think critical need now is get people housing. there's a lot of people that are just stranded. a person loses their home, they have no idea what to do. you get agencies you hear about, you walk into a fema -- there's 12 or 13, i think, what you find is there's something there to tell you what you need. >> a lot of these folks don't have flood insurance. what happens to them. >> the first step is to register with fema. we think for a lot of folks we can provide them renters assistance. find them a place to stay.
7:16 am
>> $2 billion worth of damage here, some estimates. facing the possibility of a government shutdown. how are we going to funned it? how is this going to happen? >> all the emergency fund is fine. there's a $6 billion fund. anyone listening to this broadcast should not worry that fema is -- if there's a shutdown, god forbid, there's no need for i shutdown. if it were to happen, it would not affect the recovery work going on now. >> congress fully funds this. this is what what's called no year-end money. it's not tied to that. >> you have been going to these, it seems like with a regular -- in the last 18 months, sandy, moore, oklahoma, you name it, isaac, irene, now this. are we looking at the new normal? >> you can't attribute any one thing to global warming. there are all of these weather events seem more severe. >> in this kind of situation, what's the best thing you can
7:17 am
tell people at this point? >> we're not going away. >> after the camera is gone, take a look at where we've been before. we're foot leaving. we'll do everything possible to make purr whole. >> meantime i heard other topics came up with the vice president, including big handshake heard round the country, the inauguration. >> yes. he did bring it up. >> let's take a look. >> come on. >> so much trouble for coming over in the inauguration parade. al was over there, hey, hey. i walked out and said, hey. >> invitation is open any time for you to come do the "today" show with us. >> i may need a job. >> you'd be great. thank you, sir. thank you so much. >> you tried, al. you tried. >> i keep plugging. >> a hand shake that will never
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go away. >> we heard your telling of it time and time again. we never heard the vice president's telling of it. >> obviously left a big impression. blackberry announced on monday plans to go private, selling itself for $4.7 billion. a far cry from the $77 billion it was valued at about five years ago. that development comes just days after the smartphone pioneer cut 40% of its work force. carson daly is back from his triumph at the emmys. >> oh. >> really. >> good morning. how are you? i'm doing good, thanks. there was a time if you remember, 1999 the blackberry came out. the first device to sync with corporate e-mail. it was a status symbol to have one of these. the iphone comes out in '07 and blackberry's rapid decline begins. let me put up this chart here, you can really see it. this is a snapshot of the last four months alone. it gives you a visual. their market share cut in half from may to september. we asked you do you still use
7:19 am
blackberry and if so, why. pretty interesting. two main reasons people still use blackberry. let me pull up a couple of them. jose says, i still use the blackberry. i love the keyboard. it's all about the keyboard, its efficiency. to northern florida. don says i use blackberry for the push e-mail which keeps work flowing and jobs coming in faster. which keeps me in the money. still a great connection between the blackberry and corporate america and everybody loves the keyboard. that q10 never quite worked. it gave you the option of the touch screen or keyboard. it wasn't the salvation blackberry needed it to be. >> holding on. holding on as much as she can. >> double device. i'm switzerland. i'm neutral officially. >> carson, thank you. coming up at 7:32, it was a freak accident back in august that turned a dream vacation into a huge nightmare. this morning, the british woman who lost her leg to a taxi cab is here with her touching story of triumph, friendship and the
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kindness of strangers, including dr. oz in an exclusive interview. then this morning on born on today we'll show you an ivf procedure live. the moment of conception. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marla tellez. two men are in kugs towed this morning after hitting and killing an innocent bystander as they fled the scene of a shooting. the men are accused of shooting at a home and car in oakland at 82nd and rudsdale street. the suspect's car crashed into another vehicle less than two miles away. the driver of that vehicle was killed in the crash. the two suspects face vehicular manslaughter charges. east palo alto police are trying to figure out why a gunman in a car opened fire on another car overnight. police say three people were driving on university avenue near bay street when someone pulled up behind them and began shooting. two people were grazed by bullets. the third person was not hurt.
7:27 am
police are looking for a motive. 49ers linebacker aldon smith has reportedly entered rehab. the team put him on non-playing status yesterday and says it will only bring him back if he is cleared by doctors. smith was arrested for dui on friday. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> isn't this nice. good morning to you. taking a live look here, crystal clear start to the day over san francisco. happy to report no low clouds except throughout the inland valley. this is a live look at sunol, beautiful clear sky. we have low hanging clouds for the next hour or two. 72 degrees in san jose. 71 in fremont and 78 in concord. it's not windy enough out there in the east bay to see that clear sky. but oh, boy, winds are going to pick up later on. then tomorrow storm system could bring light showers to the area.
7:28 am
>> the sun comes up in your eyes in some cases in our camera. we see the silhouette of the cars coming toward us. so this is northbound 280. the red stretch from 680 past a crash and continuing up to the 880 interchange. that's the brunt of the south bay commute. kicking in at the bottom of the screen as well. continuing to build and along the peninsula a road has erd and slow from east bay. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back at 7:56. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today, it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf.
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7:30 on a tuesday morning, it's the 24th day of september, 2013. it say beautiful, if not slightly cool morning here in new york city in the area of rockefeller plaza as we take a look at some baby pictures being put up on our huge monitor up there. we're continuing our born today week here on the show. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker, and natalie morales. >> here is what is making news this morning. the siege inside a kenya shopping mall entering it's fourth day. no word on how many hostages maybe inside and kenya's foreign minister says americans are among the attackers. >> the big question everyone is asking, will he meet face to
7:31 am
face with iran's new president. >> and a big development in an adoption case that's been getting national attention. a south carolina couple has been granted custody of baby veronica. we'll have more on that. and coming up more on our special series born today. as you mentioned, monday we had amazing moments. we saw couples across the country give birth to their babies live on tv but for many of the couples that moment can feel out of reach because of fertility challenges but ivf has come a long way. we'll show you what is really involved in the procedure. >> it's fascinating first of all what technology can do but also the personal stories of what some of the couples have been through. >> yeah. >> and then more on my conversation in las vegas with the multi-talented justin timberlake. >> but first, triumph over great adversity. five weeks ago a british tourist was mowed down by a cab in the streets of new york.
7:32 am
strangers came to her aid and helped save her life though the 23-year-old did lose her leg from the shin down. she was just released from bellevue hospital and joins us exclusively. we'll talk to her in a moment but first, kristen has her story. >> reporter: this was sean green before august 20th, an aspiring british model and fashionista. rarely seen without a smile. >> she is princess shawn. >> this is shawn now. learning how to live without part of her left leg after being run down by an out of control cab. she was on vacation with her best friend keisha warren, half a world away from her family. >> we were on the phone and when she said about her leg and the amputation, that was it. >> shawn and keisha just arrived here in new york the night before. they were out walking and
7:33 am
stopped to buy a drink here. that's when they saw a cabby and mike messenger arguing and then the cap hit shawn. >> we didn't know how bad it was. >> this is a story about strangers helping out. shawn is alive thanks to quick thinking bystanders like a plumber that used his belt as a tourniquet. >> she is grateful to be here and all the support she is having and she takes it day by day. it's quite difficult but she is a very optimistic person. >> for the girl who loved to dance, the accident may have taken her leg, but it seems it didn't take her spirit. for today, nbc news, new york. >> and this incredible young lady joins us now exclusively along with her good friend that's been by her side since
7:34 am
that august accident. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> it's the first time-out of the hospital for you, isn't it? >> it is, yeah. >> i would imagine it has to be exhilarating but you're just a block, a block from where this happened to you. it has to be a little scary too. >> yeah it is. >> what's it like emotionally? when you look out at a busy street with traffic is it unnerving for you? >> it is a little bit because i haven't been out in five weeks. it takes me back a little bit. and when i see a yellow car i'm just a bit like that. but i get there. >> you've been through a lot physically. you still have a long way to go physically to regain normal mobility. >> yeah. >> talk to me emotionally. what have you been through emotionally? >> just everything really. we came here thinking we were just coming on holiday and it's been a whirlwind and turned upside down. >> do you remember it? do you remember what happened up until a certain moment? >> i do, yeah. >> what do you remember? what's the most vivid memory
7:35 am
from that day. >> walking, getting a drink, just going to times square, just walking, having a great time with my best friend and that was it. >> you heard the argument between the cab driver and the cyclist. >> we did. >> and the next thing the cab was heading right toward you. >> i couldn't move. it was one of them things. if i had gone left or right it would have got me. >> no time to react whatsoever? >> obviously i thought shawn was -- i didn't realize until i turned around and saw the whole accident that she doesn't with me. >> then you saw how severely injured she was? >> yeah. >> what broke my heart was you were so far from home. in the ambulance you were calling for your mom. >> yeah, i was. >> i also felt bad as a parent for her that she couldn't have been here at that time. >> exactly. the worst thing you want to hear
7:36 am
is your daughter has been in an accident so far away from home. mom had to get the first flight out. i just couldn't imagine what they were going through. >> and yet, there is, despite the tragedy of this, a bright side. complete strangers came to your aid. a plumber used a belt for a tourniquet. >> he did. >> a woman you didn't know sat by you and tried to calm you. >> a doctor, dr. oz -- >> yeah. >> what does that teach you. >> that there's good people in this world. very good people in this world that i can't thank enough. they saved my life. if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be sitting here right now telling this story. >> i know you want to return home to england soon. will that side of this story, the good side of the story balance out the troubles you've had here in new york. >> yeah. it definitely will. >> i hope so. i hope that's what you remember
7:37 am
and we wish you well. i know you have a lot of goals you set for yourself. >> yes, yeah. >> we thank you for being so brave to come here today and keisha thank you for sticking by my side. >> she's been my rock. i couldn't have done half of the things without her. i really couldn't. >> well you have a more intense bond now. >> we really do. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> i love your upbeat attitude. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by soma intimates. your new bra destination. >> we have a warm upcoming. it's not going to feel like fall. it will feel more like summer for the midwest. jet stream up to the north and high pressure is dominating. we're getting a warm flow of air coming in. des moines 78, wichita 80. on wednesday, 75 in minneapolis. 83 in wichita and by thursday
7:38 am
we're looking at summer-like temperatures, 90 degrees in wichita and 84 in des moines but then a cool front happy tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s, it's kind of cool out there. we've got a great looking day shaping up. starting with a live picture here. clear sky over san francisco right now, coming in from high atop san bruno mountain. you can see over the usually followed in spots. 72 in san jose. and not much cooler today at the coast. 71 for santa cruz. 79 degrees on the way to gilroy. make sure you keep track of your weather whenever you need it. go to the weather channel on cable and online. >> always good advice. coming up on born today, we'll go live to a st. louis hospital to show you an ivf procedure in real time. >> if you could press a button
7:39 am
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or up to 60 days to pay without interest, or both each month. i'm nelson gutierrez and i'm a member of the smarter money. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. now to our special series "born today." on monday, we watched miracles, couples across the country watching new babies live. for many others, getting pregnant can be a financial, physical and emotional challenge. today we are focusing on in vitro fertilization or ivs. dr. nancy snyderman is live from an operating room at st. luke's hospital in st. louis. nancy, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. i'm here with dr. sherman silver and patients in front. what we're looking at on the screen are ovaries with follicles with eggs in them. 40 years ago there wasn't much of an option for an infertile
7:44 am
couple in order to have a baby. but boy has technology changed. so this morning, for the first time on live television, you're not only going to see eggs being retrieved from an ovary but we'll show you the fertilization process. first i'd like to introduce you to a couple who very graciously aloud us to be part of their experience. >> reporter: it was a birth heard around the world. >> the world's first test tube baby. >> successfully conceived outside the mother's womb. >> reporter: the year was 1978 and the first test tube baby changed in vitro and fertility issues forever. at that time the chance of achieving a pregnancy with the help of science was at 2%. but now it's much higher. >> now we expect a 60% pregnancy rate. >> reporter: dr. sherman silber is a pioneer in something commonly known as ivf. >> it's short for in vitro fertilization which simply means
7:45 am
fertilization take place in a laboratory dish. >> the pregnancy will implant there. >> reporter: 33-year-old jessica menkhausen and her fiancee derek manion are the patients and are excited to the possibility of having a baby together. jessica tried for nine years to have a baby and had almost given up on her dream of motherhood. >> it took years to get over it. i was really glad when we met dr. silber. he did give us so much hope. >> hi, jessica. >> reporter: jer jessica has been undergoing pretreatment for four weeks now injecting hormones and getting regular blood work. >> hopefully these children know one day when we show them this how much we wanted them. >> reporter: and today, news that the medicine has worked. jessica's ovaries produced a large number of follicles that house the eggs that will be fertilized with derek's sperm. >> if we couldn't the them, that couldn't the gives us an indication of how many eggs you're going to have.
7:46 am
it's just a huge count. >> reporter: the couple put off wedding plans until next year, citing the cost of ivf, which averages $12,000 to $17,000 per cycle and it's often not covered by insurance. >> we're borrowing to do this. >> reporter: they're telling their personal story here, hoping to inspire others. >> it's amazing to think what science can do now and how it can help us out in conceiving. >> reporter: it's an all or nothing gamble for jessica and derek who are spending their savings on what, for them, is a once in a lifetime chance at parenthood. >> we're terrified of spending this amount of money and then it not working. if it doesn't we'll be sharing that heartbreak together. but it will be heartbreaking. >> reporter: they say they can't afford to do it again. but remain hopeful about the outcome. >> i want to be positive and i think that we're going to have twins. and i think that they're going
7:47 am
to have red hair and blue eyes. that's what we have to keep thinking. >> right now, dr. silber is inserting a microneedle with a little suction into the ovary and each of these black pacts you see houses an egg. those will be sucked out and examined behind us. can you feel that when you go in there and you're looking at that egg you know visually exactly where you are? >> visually i know exactly where i am. i can feel it, in answer to your questions. like there is a follicle right there. we're going to go right through. >> right. that white line is the needle? >> that white line is the needle. they had opening that sack you see has an egg in it. and they're really nice and biggized. we know we'll have good, mature eggs in there. >> you're already finding a lot of eggs. is that because she's been on stimulating hormones. >> she's been on stimulating hormones but some women do not have that many eggs.
7:48 am
it depends. she started out with a lot of eggs. let's go for this one. >> this bodies well for her to have big follicles and have so many? >> she has very few small colorados. those can the follicles that cause patients to get sick from ivf. the way we stimulated her, we have only big follicles. these big follicles will be mature. they'll have -- >> this is a safe procedure with these medications for jessica, right? >> it is safe if done right. if done not right it could be dangerous. >> i have to underscore, that's why you go to a center where ivf is not only established but doctors have been doing it for years and years and years. so one, you harvest healthy eggs and two, it results in healthy babies and long-term repercussions, minuscule. >> can we ask you real quickly, she is sedated. will there be discomfort from this procedure in the coming hours or days?
7:49 am
>> she is sedated. it will not be discomfort. there is a vaginal probe in her which allows us to see the ovary. but it's no more different than a pelvic procedure. no, she'll have minimal miss -- discomfort. this has been going perfectly this morning. >> thank you so much. we know in our next half hour she'll be there. we'll watch the procedure live on television. this is the first time, when jessica's eggs are fertilized. we hope you are rooting for them. >> after you hear the story, how can you not root for them. coming up later, he is one of the biggest stars in movies, music and sometimes television. more of our one-on-one conversation with justin timberlake, first, these messages. and "a world of diffe" now through october 14th, when you get any immunization at walgreens, we'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine
7:50 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marla tellez. police say a group of teenagers is responsible for a brutal attack that left an east bay man in a coma. 51-year-old david lamont was attacked outside his home on middleton place near livingston place. police say the father of two went outside after midnight saturday morning to ask some people to stop being so loud. when he didn't come back his wife went out to find him and found him unconscious and bleeding in front of his own home. an oakland neighborhood is figuring out how to rebuild after a fire damaged a centerpiece the community. the fire tore through the zion first church of god in christ yesterday. firefighters were able to get it under control but not before it caused 900,0$900,000 in damage. america's cup is going on yet again today. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina
7:57 am
loren. gorgeous day in san francisco. >> it really is pretty good morning to you marla. mostly clear conditions, mid level clouds, we've got a lot of wind as we head throughout the day to contend with. it's about 62 degrees, upper 50s to low 60s across the bay area. this is san francisco and for america's cup today i don't know if it's going to be able to happen because we expect gusty winds to continue to pick up throughout the day, if it does happen all of the action here on nbc bay area. highs today are going to be plenty of 60s and 70s, we're going to have the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. let's check your drive. >> looking at things bogging down around university, narrow stretch getting that burst of traffic. we see san mateo also looking slow north 101 at peninsula avenue, reports of a stall there. and the east bay getting over there slow on the bridges but slow along the stretch for 880, and the northbound, south bay routes, just packed. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back at 8:26 with our
7:58 am
next local news update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
test test test. test test tescoming up, our bors continues with a live ivf procedure. the moment of conception as it happens. plus, more of matt's interview with justin timberlake. and too good to be true, we taste test a new low calorie french fry. today, tuesday, september 24th, 2013. >> we're in new york on my 50th birthday. "today." >> happy birthday. >> we're here at the "today" show to have fun. >> it's frank zappa. what the heck. >> hope everybody is doing well
8:01 am
in atlanta, georgia. >> we are on our honeymoon and came to the "today" show. >> good morning. >> we want to say hi to our grandma in seattle. hi, grandma! >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." a beautiful morning on rockefeller plaza, i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer, al roker and emmy winner carson daly. >> you don't have to say that. >> we just want to. >> take a bow. we've been doing a series called "born today." we're seeing something quite extraordinary unfold. >> we watched the harvesting of jessica's eggs a few moments ago. in a moment, in a laboratory they will add derek's sperm to that and we may see conception live on tv. >> wow. >> which would be extraordinary for a couple that's been trying to have a baby for nine years. >> it would be a television first as well. we get the day's top stories and natalie is at her post. good morning again.
8:02 am
and good morning to you guys. good morning, every. a horrifying claim this morning from terrorists holding a shopping mall in kenya for a fourth straight day. they say they are still countless dead bodies inside and a kenyan official has said some americans may be among the attackers at the mall. president obama is urging the united nations security council to pass a resolution with consequences for syria if it breaks a u.s./russian deal to hand over chemical weapons. >> now there must be a strong security council resolution to verify that the assad regime is keeping its commitments. and there must be consequences if they fail to do so. >> the president's speech before the u.n. general assembly this morning is also raising renewed diplomacy with iran over its nuclear program. a cross-country child custody battle that reached the supreme court appears to be over. gabe gutierrez is in charleston, south carolina with the latest on baby veronica. gabe, good morning.
8:03 am
>> reporter: natalie, good morning. this case raised big questions about tribal sovereignty and federal law but today, baby veronica is back with her adoptive parents. they're returning here to this neighborhood after an emotional night in oklahoma. just this week, veronica capobianco celebrated her fourth birthday, now her biological father handed her over to her adoptive parents. >> we believe it was in veron a veronica's best interest and did this in a manner that was least traumatic. >> reporter: on monday, the oklahoma supreme court lifted its ruling that it kept veronica in the state. the latest chapter in a bitter custody battle that began in 2009 when veronica's parents split up. her biological father, dustin brown signed the paperwork giving up custody to her birth mother who's speaking out for the first time in an interview airing on "dr. phil." >> it pretty much just broke me. >> reporter: she put her daughter up for adoption, but brown, a member of the cherokee
8:04 am
nation objected after invoking a federal law that aims to keep native american children with their families he was awarded custody. for the last 21 months veronica lived with him in oklahoma. but this summer in a rare move, the u.s. supreme court weighed in, ruling the federal statute did not apply. because brown, quote, abandoned the indian child before birth and never had custody. >> the courts had ruled and what we were hearing out of oklahoma was that, you know, the cherokee nation felt that it and mr. brown didn't have to obey. >> reporter: brown refused to return veronica to her adoptive parents, the capobiancos until now. it is not clear whether the cherokee nation plans to keep appealing this case. but the tribe says it hopes dustin brown will be allowed to remain an important part of veronica's life, even here in south carolina. natalie? >> gabe gutierrez, in charleston, south carolina,
8:05 am
thank you. a spectacular crash caught on tape is going viral on the internet. a $400,000 lamborghini collided with another car, then it slammed into the wall this brooklyn, new york. the impact as you see there, split the car in half. but the luxury car's reinforced passenger area kept the driver safe. remarkable when you see that video. the driver is okay. it is 8:05. let's go back outside to al for a check of your weather. hey, al. go ahead and sign. >> oh, yes. >> savannah was studying to be a doctor when she was younger. let's show you what we have, our pick city of the day happens to be cleveland, ohio. along one of the great lakes, great locations in the nation. next three days, starts off cool today. but as we get into thursday, going to be nice and mild. 72 degrees, rest of the country here's whatter with looking at, afternoon temperatures, getting up into the 90s.
8:06 am
chilly northern new england, pacific northwest, 90s in the southwest. as far as sky conditions are concerned we have plenty of sunshine here in the east. rain through florida, look for more wet weather in the pacific northwest. mississippi river valley, gorgeous texas on 8:06 on a tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. cooler day, and breezier. that is the story of the day. winds are really going to whip later on. especially up to the north bay and the immediate coast. temperatures, otherwise, will be comfortable. 75 degrees in redwood city. 77 degrees not even getting that hot out in the extreme east bay. as we head to the next couple of days, temperatures will start to rise thursday into friday, and then 90 oz the way for saturday. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up, french fries with fewer calories. can it be true? we will see how they stack up in just a few minutes.
8:07 am
then, how some teens will be able to get rid of their social media history with an eraser button. it's all at 8:09 on trending. >> that sounds good. >> i don't know what's better, the french fries or the button. and more on our conversation with justin timberlake coming up at 8:18. >> and staying alive in our studio at 8:44. but first these messages. let's do a warm welcome. let's do crisp on the outside. cozy on the inside. and let's not do any of this. let's go to school. let's go to save. and then, let's go to town. so then we can go do, absolutely nothing. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. owens corning insulation, now $11.87 a roll. show-stopping glamour.
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8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] elevate your style. introducing the all-new corolla. ♪ we are back at 8:11 with what is trending today. what is trending is bill and hilary clinton. they're here for the annual meeting of the clinton global initiative but all the talk centers around the one age old question, where does hilary get all the colored pantsuits. no, that's not the question. is hilary going to run for president?
8:12 am
well, david letterman had a rather unusual way of asking the former president about his wife's political ambitions. >> if she is running to your knowledge blink twice. >> i blinked once. >> i didn't see any blinking. what does that mean? >> it's hard to tell when he is blinking. >> well, in an interview in this week's new york magazine she said she was pragmatic and realistic about a run. i interviewed her in october 2011 and she said no, i'm not running. >> they all say that. >> until they are. >> not running until they are running. trending on huffington post, giving teens a clean slate on social media. that's what a new california law does. it allows minor on sites like twitter and facebook to remove their posts. it's to allow young people from being haunted by their digital
8:13 am
past. it doesn't include comments posted by others about you and carson, i almost said i know you have embarrassing -- >> where's the button. i need it. >> tracking social media, what are people saying about this? >> we asked if you were given an online eraser button would you need it and 51% said yes and 49% said no. >> 49% of you are lying. >> exactly. >> they said if you need it. >> no, but that means have you posted something online -- >> it's a clear history. it's a very important thing to have. >> we all want it. let's get it. >> you can erase all your e-mails and text messages, the results would be 100%. >> for sure. >> it's not covered, though, unfortunately. >> well, trending on google, is it the answer to our prayers? introducing a new low calorie french fry. burger king unveiling the healthier option today at it's restaurants nationwide. here comes jerry the french fry
8:14 am
fairy. >> the french fry fairy? >> been called worse. >> let's see if they satisfy your craving for fries. >> as you see -- >> they're warm too. >> these are crinkle cut. >> i love the crinkle cut. >> you do? i like the straight cut. >> burger king says they have 20% fewer calories. >> 20% fewer calories, 25% less fat so for a value size we're talking 190 calories. >> these are the healthy ones. >> are they healthy or just less bad. >> they're fewer cal risk. >> these are the original. >> they're going to continue to sell both by the way. >> they're pretty good. >> they're really good. >> they're a crinkle slice of heaven. >> i might put a little more salt on them. >> that kind of defeats the purpose. >> maybe some guacamole. >> i can't really taste the difference between the original and this one. >> they will offer both options today. >> crispy on the outside.
8:15 am
>> that is what's trending today. coming up, two entertainers that took a long break from music. they're back with new albums and a lot more. matt has more on his one-on-one with justin timberlake and sting will be here live in our studio. in the last half hour, dr. sherman silver conducted the first part of an ivf procedure and now, hold on to your french fries, nancy snyderman has actually moved into the room where they're ready to watch live. what's going on. >> hey, let me orient you. this is one of the coolest things you've ever going to see. this is just a pipet holding an egg in place. this was an egg taken a moment ago. this is the polar body. i'm telling you that because the
8:16 am
egg has to be oriented in space. what you'll see kathie do with a needle on this side with a sperm in it is puncture the outer layer of the egg. you'll see how tough it is. pop into it. the sperm will be released and as soon as she knows, the end of the needle there. there went the sperm. the sperm is now there. this is now a fertilized egg. conception has taken place and this now will be put into a special medium for the next 48 hours as a fertilized egg and observed. you have now, for the first time ever on television seen a sperm go into an egg and that's modern ivf. that is cool stuff. >> amazing. >> and we'll keep doing more. matt, you're going to love this part, these are sperm that are swimming around in this special solution. >> not sure where you're going with this nancy. >> she whacked the tail off the
8:17 am
sperm. did you hear me matt? >> no it's amazing. you have a fertilized egg and they will implant those fertilized eggs in jessica. how long will it take to know if this is a viable pregnancy? >> well, so we got a lot of eggs out of here today. there's the sperm and the needle. pop in, the sperm goes back up. boom it's in. another fertilized egg. 48 hours this will be watched. these will now start to grow under the microscope and then dr. silver because he's very ethical only implants two. you heard of the controversies before where there are too many fertilized eggs. the uterus is not a kond minu
8:18 am
condominium. >> they can even be given to other women. >> and not hurt by the freezing problem. >> safe for mom, cool for dad and great for science. >> the uterus is not a condominium. i will remember that forever. >> this is pretty neat. so we're just going to stand here and again watch this go on and on and on and keep fertilizing these. a lot of sperm, very healthy and with these eggs being able to be held here by suction, 26, 27, 28 eggs were harvested and they'll all be fertilized and then stored and then the best ones will be implanted in jessica and we'll follow up with derek and jessica over the next couple of days and months and have no reason to not expect this is going to result in a healthy pregnancy. >> i'm sure this is going to work. >> she also has a good-looking uterus so i think this will be a go. >> thank you everybody.
8:19 am
>> so exciting. >> it's all looking good in st. louis. >> all right. thank you. >> well done, doctor. is that the first ivf procedure you have watched with french fries. >> yes. >> we'll keep track of derek and jessica and find out what happens. >> we'll take a turn now and have more of our interview with a man that doesn't seem to be slowing down. justin timberlake has been called this generations master of cerimonies. recently i sat down with him in las vegas for a candid conversation about the secret of his success so far. >> you have to do things that scare you. >> it's a business philosophy that served justin timberlake well. >> this is fantastic. >> for more than two decades he never shied away from taking risks. he's a child actor who beat the odds, growing up to become a global pop star collecting 6
8:20 am
grammys along the way. but these days it's timberlake's acting career that's taking center stage. >> what do you think? >> you walk into a room now, justin, you walk on to a movie set and you're not the musician doing acting, you're the guy -- anybody else on the set says this guy has chops. he has proven himself. that has to give you confidence. >> what changed things for me is when david fincher hired me. >> david fincher cast justin timberlake in the highly acclaimed film the social network. he played the role of sean parker. >> it opened up a huge door for me and opportunities started to happen. >> and now, justin timberlake is starring in a hot new crime thriller, runner, runner. >> are you all right? you seem a little worked up. >> yeah, i'm good. >> he plays a college student that takes on an online gambling tycoon played by ben afleck. >> ben was asked about working
8:21 am
with you on this and he said working with justin -- he said working with justin made me feel inadequate or insecure. >> i find that hard to believe. >> all right. how did he make you feel? >> i felt lucky to work with him at this time in his career. as a true film maker he really sees the movie from all angles. >> no, no, you just do it into the -- >> but it's in timberlake's other upcoming film that he combines his rare talents. he plays a folk singer. >> i'm happy for the gig but who wrote this? >> i did. >> so the door is open now and when you get to work with the cohen brothers -- >> the other two smartest people i've ever met. >> is that a bucket list for an actor. >> yeah, i ran into matt damon and he said something that stuck with me. he said the cohen brothers that's a call that any actor,
8:22 am
doesn't matter what age, you just hope that one day you might get a shot at that. >> and then you got the call. >> i was kind of blown away at that. well, i would have -- if i would have gotten a call that said we'd like you to write some music in our film i would have paid in my pants. and literally would have peeed in my pants. >> you just hired me. i'm going to go look for movie roles for you. what am i looking for? >> i think, you know, itself got to have meat on the bone. one time i was stalking with stevie wonder -- i'm going to pick up all of these games. >> yeah, i was just trying to make myself sound important. i asked him about music and then he said, you know, listen, at the end of the day, there's good
8:23 am
music and bad music and i just try to stay away from the latter. >> earlier this year timberlake released the 20/20 experience, his first new album. the follow up album arrives next week. >> i don't want to make music i've made before. i want something that's new and fresh to me. all i can tell you is i woke up one morning. i had just finished a movie with clint eastwood, another name that i'll pick up. >> we should put a little number up on the screen. i think we'll do that. >> how many names i've dropped. just pick those up and put them back in my pocket. i had just finished a movie and i woke up and it was like make music. >> so you got the 20/20 experience two of two and i love what you said about it. >> did i drop a name?
8:24 am
>> yes, yes you do. >> we'll add this to the tally. if you could imagine she's everything you thought she's marilyn monroe. >> i did say that. >> and then you meet her hotter older evil twin sister. everything dark and wrong with her at that age is what you become infacuated with that. >> ava gardener. for me what i enjoy is collaboration. it's the most inspired i ever felt, for sure. >> it seems as a look back here i've done nothing but praise on you. let's end on negativity. >> i can't wait. >> give me the reason we'll hate you in ten years? what would ever happen that would make us hate you? >> oh, god, well, i mean, you know, ben already hates me. >> maybe it's name dropping. >> it's the name dropping.
8:25 am
if you didn't name drop all the time. that's what it is. >> nice guy. very talented. nine names in one short interview. >> but he knows a lot of people. >> justin's movie "runner runner" opens october 4th. >> kate gosselin is here and takes us inside her new life and shows us what she is doing these days. >> and then after what some would say is writers block, sting is here for a live concert in our studio. but first, a check of your local
8:26 am
>> good morning. 8:26. the police department turning to technology deto fight the rise in crime. it can predict where crime will happen by analyzing data and predicting where crime occurs. the city of santa cruz pioneered predictive police and said it led it a decline in crime. state grant paying $37,000 for a three-year trial. it's expected to click enter next month. zirnks let's check if with mike and his computer. good morning, mike. >> hi, scott. we're seeing a bunk of slowing all over the place. here's 101. the live shot north 101 coming towards us. north 280 coming off of south 680. a lot of traffic in this area. look at the map. we see all the northbound route.
8:27 am
typical for a tuesday. the new crash north 101 causing more slowing, this and just in general 101 and 92 all directions. very heavily traveled. the san mateo and done barton bridges smooth. there's the east bay coming off the castro valley y. it's tough as well as 880 and 580 heading to oakland and then the approach through oakland as well as highway 13. back to you. >> more local news up in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's also the 24th day of september, 2013. and that's a pretty cool day on rockefeller plaza. that's sting saying hi to some of his fans and the people gathered here on the plaza taking a couple of pictures and we're always happy to have sting on the show. he has new music coming out and we'll talk to him about that in a couple of minutes. by the way, his first album of completely new music in about a
8:31 am
decade. >> that's cool. >> we have had legends in this studio. >> you stay away from him. >> i'm matt lauer talking with savannah guthrie, carson daly, al roker, and natalie morales. >> we have been doing the series born today. i want to mention someone really born today 49 years ago. my brother. i'm so proud of him. he is 49 today. when i was in my late 30s he rounded me up to 40 all the time. so happy 50th birthday. i love you so much. >> cool. >> also ahead this morning we have kate gosselin here. you all know her as the mother of 8 reality star. she is out with a new cook book and dealing with a lawsuit against her ex-husband john. we'll talk to her about that and more coming up. >> as part of our series born today we have a diaper drive going on here on the plaza. if you're coming by this week, we'd love for you to bring some diapers. >> here we go. >> what's your name. >> jennifer, thank you so much.
8:32 am
>> thank you. >> we appreciate that. >> also a huge thanks to huggies who is furnishing more than 20,000 diapers to those in need around the country. so bring some diapers. >> that's very cool. meanwhile, can we say hi to cool guys? we want to talk to the stars of chicago fire. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> really quick, you guys, i know matt and savannah were going to come out last year chicago and you missed it because of weather so we have matt dog. >> and savannah. >> thank you. love it. >> thank you. >> you have to come to chicago. >> we're there. >> all right. jesse, this year dealing with -- and i don't mean in real life, on the show, real personal issues. >> yeah, we have a lot going down this year. season two.
8:33 am
we open with firehouse 51 under the thumb. we might get shut down so the house is basically being examined inside and out and going through personal stuff from season one. >> you're not giving a lot away. i get it. >> so you guys spent a lot of time in chicago. have you gotten to know the place and fallen in love with the city? >> yeah, actually, well, i know it's a shortened season but jesse and i go to a bunch of black hawk games. bears game, so anything sports related and the food. you can't go wrong with the restaurants. >> well, you have great canine companions here as well. i love him. what happened to him. >> look. he was actually -- he was burnt and had numerous operations to get him back. but these are all firehouse
8:34 am
dogs. they're part of the top dog competition and one of these dogs is going to -- they're all fantastic dogs but one is going to win a role on chicago fire. >> yeah, i think our viewers can vote. >> who's not going to vote for dempsey. >> and more on kathie lee and hoda coming up. >> let me remind people they can catch the premiere of season two of chicago fire tonight. how about a check of the weather. >> that's what's going on around the >> good morning. the time now 8:34. i'm meteorologist christina. temperatures will be comfortable today. especially if you had to use your ac yesterday on the in the extreme east bay. golden gate bridge tells the story. a lot of sunshine. it's deceptive. only hitting about 66 degrees in san francisco. 75 in redwood city, and 72 degrees. that's it in san jose.
8:35 am
feeling comfortable later this afternoon. it's still pretty chilly out there. sweater weather as with ae like to call it. wednesday to thursday things change. we'll start to warm up. looking good for the weekend. and that's your latest weather. now, let's find out the latest on all of our birthday bud dis. here's uncle willie. >> remember when you were a kid and your mother brought a pony to your house for your birthday? now that was big time. that was fun. a clown, there's a lot of those but ponies, that's big time. anyway, hattie gustafson is 105 years old today. she is a beautiful lady and a fabulous hostess. loves to entertain, auburn in the great state of washington. charles lindner is 100 years old from grand rapids, michigan. you could pull a girl's pig tail
8:36 am
and now you go to jail for that. louisa williams from california. 100 years old today. she loves to garden. be active and plant flowers and all sorts of goodies. >> j.t.fischer, he is 100 years old today. a retired rancher. those guys were tough. >> viola laday. 103 years old today. secret to longjevity. she misses jay leno but she can tivo it. irving lev. very handsome man. his only hang up, he loves judge judy. i don't know that he just likes the show or either way it's his
8:37 am
business. not ours. that's all right now from your nation's capitol. back to new york. >> what you do you get with one adult, two tweens and sextuplets all in one house? we'll talk to her about that but first a look at that life. >> nine years ago a happily married kate gosselin already mom to twin girls was expecting sextuplets with husband john. they quickly gained traction as one of the must watch families of reality tv with tlc's hit show jon and kate plus 8. >> very swiftly we turned into two different people. >> but after years in the spotlight weathering a public and messy divorce, jon and kate went their separate ways and the show ended it's run. >> now, kate is focussing on
8:38 am
raising the 8 kids on her own and awaiting her new addition, a cookbook called love is in the mix. it comes straight from her heart. >> so good. >> reporter: we recently caught up with the family for sunday night dinner as she shared her kitchen secrets with us. >> faster the better. >> reporter: while managing to get 8 school lunches ready for 8 growing kids. >> okay. >> reporter: but one thing is for sure, with kate, kara, maddy, alexis, hannah, aiden, colin, and joel, there's love in every bite for kate plus her 8. nbc news, new york. >> and kate gosselin is here this morning to share stories and memories from her first cookbook called love is in the mix. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> these are recipes that feed 8 at least. >> definitely. they're for a family of 8 to 10. i say in the beginning of the book.
8:39 am
it's huge recipes. cut them in half. but i spend all of my time in the kitchen. it's my passion. one of the many. i really like to feed my kids nutritiously and they enjoy eating. they're so great to feed and for years people would say gosh what were you making in episode whatever, season whatever and i would be like i don't know. so they asked for it and then finally my kids started saying mommy when we're big can we have your recipes to cook for our kids. i said that does it. i'm writing it. >> so many memories are made in the kitchen. do you get help from the kids? >> definitely. a lot of times, strangely, they pull up the stools and hop up there and they say mommy's cooking show. wow, i guess i talk while i'm cooking. i'm always talking. so definitely they do and it's -- yeah, it's been a lot of work and there's also tips and traditions and kind of a lot of photos. it's like a memory in a cookbook. >> well, you have two tweens.
8:40 am
>> they're 12. >> the sextuplets are 9. it won't be long and you're going to have 8 teenagers in the house. >> thanks for reminding me. >> did i freak you out? >> you know, they're really great kids. the little attitudes do crop up. it's expected but we are really, the nine of us have pulled together and we're in a good place. they're really happy and i'm really happy. >> i wanted to ask you about that. i read an interview you did recently where you talked about making mistakes and being in the public eye and how you feel like you changed. sometimes you look at that kate that was in the show and it's not the kate you feel you know now. what do you mean by that? >> i mean, i think that happens with every parent, with every adult. life is one huge learning experience. if anybody's life was televised as a younger parent and as you get older, you do mellow and learn what's important. i feel like i have lived three lifetimes in my short 30
8:41 am
something years already so have learned what is important and i have learned what to let go and what are real battles and what are important battles and i do like the me of today a lot more than that really stressed out, sleep deprived, i'm going to go insane any minute kate. >> do you ever regret being a part of that show? there were a lot of high points but there were low points too. >> honestly, 100%, the kids and i would both tell you it was a great experience. i always try to look at it in perspective that nobody has a perfect job. you'll never find a human that will say my job is 100% perfect and there was a lot of goods. there was a lot of bads and i do not regret anything in my life and if i would rewind time i would absolutely do the show again. i know a lot more now than i did then of course. hindsight is 20/20. >> you are suing your ex-husband of illegally getting information
8:42 am
for a book you claim is defamatory but what is it about? is it about getting money damages or about setting the record straight? >> well, i can't -- clearly it's in the middle of litigation so i cannot say a lot about it but i can say that when we started out investigating the source of what was happening, i made the decision back then to push this. it's a lot of internet bullying and it's actually -- i've lost a lot of employment opportunities over rumor mills circulating false stuff. the most unexpected and disappointing thing is who was at the center of it. it's, you know, it had to be done for the safety and the future of my kids. >> kate gosselin, it's good to catch up with you. the book is called love is in the mix. it's out today. you can head to to read an excerpt. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, sting is here. he'll perform a new song live in our studio. but first, this is "today" on
8:43 am
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[ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
8:45 am
we're back account 8:44. he is a grammy award winning artist that sold 100 million albums and racked up hundreds of hits. he releases his album called the last ship which will be a new broadway show next fall. it's good to have you back here. >> good morning. >> you have a broadway show next year but you're releasing the music for it now. you want people to learn the songs. >> yes. i'd like them to become familiar with it. we're doing a performance with just the music and not the play. i want people to be part of this process. it's so exciting. >> the hope is they'll sing and dance along when they come see the show. >> absolutely. >> tell us about the concept for the play. it's personal to you. it's about where you grow up. >> i come from a shipyard town
8:46 am
in the northeast of england and my earliest memories are a ship at the end of the street and watching it being built and launched and i want to honor my community. the community that built the biggest ships in the world and we have written an allegory about that community and how important they were. >> it's about a way of life. it's about lost love in some ways. it's about relationships between fathers and sons as well. >> that's true. many themes tallying with my own life. i never ended up in the shipyard. i had another destiny but i remember it well. >> we mention your song writing career but there were a couple of years of writer's block. did it open things up to be writing for characters in a play. >> i just got sick of me. sick of looking inward. so writing for other voices than my own. other points of view than my own really freed me up and these songs came thick and fast and i was happy about that. >> we go through our days and hum songs and sing songs that
8:47 am
get stuck in our head. do you do the same and do you find yourself humming or singing your own songs? >> of course i do. >> no, go back for a minute, you walk around the house -- >> i knew that's where this was leading. >> do it again, really? >> i might have hurt myself doing it one time. do you have songs of yours that get stuck in your head. >> i kind of have new songs going around in my head. >> which is good. >> new melodies. >> well, we're about to hear one of those new songs. i great one to dance to. we'll get to that in a
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on today brought to you by toyota. >> as we mentioned his new album is called the last ship. it's out today. here with a song from it, ladies and gentlemen, sting. [ music playing ]
8:50 am
♪ good people give ear to me story pay attention and none of your lip ♪ ♪ for i've brought you five lads and their daddy intending to build ye's a ship ♪ ♪ wallsend this habitation ♪ it's the place we were all born and bred ♪ ♪ and there's nay finer lads in the nation ♪ ♪ and none are more gallantly led ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ what have we got but a buzzer in the morning ♪ ♪ what have we got but the laying of a keel ♪ ♪ what have we got but the cranes above us soaring the comotion and the county of los angeles mour and the welding of the steel ♪ ♪ what have we got but the mist among the river ♪ ♪ what have we got but the noise inside the hold ♪ ♪ what have we got but end of the weather where we work in the rain and the shiver of the cold ♪ ♪ what do ye got we've got nowt else ♪ ♪ what do we got? ♪ ♪ we got nowt else ♪ what have you got but the sing in the cables ♪ ♪ what have you got but the ringing in your ears and the telling of the fables and the memories of the ships that we've
8:52 am
been building years ♪ ♪ what do you got? noet what do you got? ♪ ♪ we got nowt else ♪ you got to die of something it's written in your fate. ye may as well die of a tuesday and woe betide your late ♪ ♪ what have you got all you men that's fit and able ♪ ♪ what have you got for the straining in your neck ♪ ♪ what have you got when your laid out on the table and the snapping of the cable when the rigging hits the deck ♪ ♪ what have you got but loyalty of brothers. ♪ ♪ what have you got? ♪ ♪ what have you got?
8:53 am
♪ ♪ we got nowt else ♪ what we have we got? we got nowt else ♪ ♪ we got nowt else ♪ what have you got? what have you got? we got nowt else ♪ >> sting, thank you very much. the album is "the last ship." it's out today. we're back on a tuesday morning but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
do you think that song might get stuck in your head a little bit today? thank you so much. coming up, we have beauty tricks to help you turn back the clock. >> all right. and then how you may be able to get rid of your fears while you sleep. >> wouldn't that be great. >> what if you have a fear of
8:56 am
well, good morning, everyone. it's well 56. team oracle lives to race again today in the america's cup. race 17 and if needed 18 are slated for today after oracle won its fifth and sixth consecutive races against emirates team new sfwleeld yesterday. team usa needs three wins. the kiwis just one. you can watch all the action right here on nbc bay area at
8:57 am
1:00 if the weather holds up. let's check in with christina. >> not looking so good. good morning to you, scott. we are expecting some really gusty wind in the city by the bay later on, and we're already starting to see some pretty significant wind gusts out there. otherwise, temperatures are going to be nice. 77 degrees inland. 73, bayside. 66 at the coast. counting on showers as we head through tomorrow. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪
8:58 am
♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on the tuesday morning, september 24th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and with us all week mel b. >> thank you for being here. >> al, you're back from colorado. natalie back from vegas. >> yeah. >> it's amazing how good you look. >> i had a super secret assignment yesterday. i'll just say i'm sore in places i shouldn't be sore. >> i wouldn't be saying that. >> it's perfect timing, willie.
9:01 am
>> that's hilarious. >> you'll find out. >> i'm the voice of reason? really? come on. it's not right. >> that was amazing. let's talk about president obama and his smoking. made no secret he has been a smoker a lot of his life. he hasn't done it as much lately but yesterday comments caught on an open mike as he was talking to another gentleman at the u.n. general assembly. >> i haven't had a cigarette because i'm scared of my wife. >> it's not about the cigarettes. he's afraid of mrs. obama. >> his wife. >> smart fan. >> he said recently he's had a cigarette here and there. in 2009, he goes out back and has one in the rose garden from time to time. >> yeah. >> a high stress job, i guess. >> nobody wants to piss off your wife. you just don't want to do that. >> is that a hallmark card? >> i don't know.
9:02 am
you know, you just don't want to get on your wife -- nor do i think if it goes the other way -- you don't want to get -- >> no, i do. >> do you have a bad habit you have been keeping from him? >> well, no. not bad habits but i'd like to stop doing a few things. like, for example, going to bed with freshly wet hair out of the shower. he cannot stand that. the pillow gets wet. >> you mean he doesn't want a wet, soggy pillow. >> what a shock. >> i like getting in the shower and washing my hair right before bed. i had to stop that. >> they don't make towels in your house. >> but i have a lot of hair. >> can't you do the turban wrap thing? >> no, what about you. >> you can't do that. >> have you given up something? >> eating. i mean, no. pretty much -- i don't have -- yeah -- >> you do have bad habits? >> i do. i'm a slob. sort of.
9:03 am
you know, i mean -- >> you mean a tv remote kind of slob? >> no, i'm kind of the guy who, especially on the weekend, does not put a lot of effort into getting dressed. >> so, you're a pajama guy. >> sweat pants? >> no. >> boxer shorts. >> thank you. can i say -- are we married? i can't get a word in. >> what about you two? you're keeping quite on this topic. >> i'm trying to think. >> i think i changed generally my life style after we got married or when we had kids anyway in term of going out and socializing. >> for me it's shopping. my husband is always on me about my shopping habits. >> really? >> yeah. >> does he check the credit card statement. >> no but he's like you get boxes every day. where is this coming from. >> there's nothing in them. you just get boxes. >> i say people just send me stuff. >> i'm lucky that way. >> there's a little credit card clicking involved. >> sure. >> i think i just thought of
9:04 am
something. you know the cookies where you get the little ones. >> yeah, right. >> i can put down two boxes in a sitting and kristina will walk by and say, oh, more cookies, huh? >> and you say yeah. >> i say yeah and keep eating. i'll tell you in the commercial break. >> yeah. >> what you really have to give up. >> okay. now, mel is very excited about this next story. >> i'm confused with that. >> twinkies was an iconic snack and they went out of business. >> but they're back now. >> they're back now. >> so when willie gave that up, they went out of business. it was a throw away mel. we didn't have to diagram it. >> this one needs no diagramming. there's a haunted house opening this week in sinking spring, pennsylvania. here's the twist, it's a scream park. it's meant to expose, if you will, participants to a different kind of fear.
9:05 am
the deal is you get nude and you run through the haunted house. >> what? >> it's the naked and scared challenge. you take off your clothes. >> why. >> to help you through your fear of nudity. >> that's not fear. it's common sense. >> it's not open now. >> opening this week. >> that's my worst nightmare. >> they have a semiprivate area where you get nude and walk through the haunted house and on the back end they bring you your clothes and put it back on. >> then they post it on facebook. >> it doesn't make sense. >> if there was no cameras or anything and you're there with your partner, your husband and wife running through naked would be quite funny. >> no. >> i this so. >> i just think it's gross. >> someone brought up earlier when you get scared in a haunted house you often grab the people you're with. >> you don't know where your hand is going to go. >> wow. >> okay, willie. thanks for that.
9:06 am
>> exactly. >> so natalie, you're out. >> i'm out. that's a definite no. >> natalie is a no. >> that would be hilariouhilari >> willie and mel be signed up. >> it's after midnight and you have to be 18 and older. >> or drunk. >> so kathie lee and hoda are signing up. >> a lot of people will do it. >> a couple of drinks and run through nude. these are videos from a georgia father who dresses up as his alter ego. this is his way of disciplining kids. his name is blake wilson. he puts on the batman mask and gets in the dark knight voice to inspire his four children to behave. >> drink up so you can wet the bed. >> you need to cover your mouth.
9:07 am
you're spreading germs. >> who are you talking to? >> mommy. >> ask her what's for dinner. >> you forgot to say please. >> hurry up. we're going late. >> get out of there. it's almost dinner time. you'll spoil your appetite. >> are you going to swallow it. >> yes. >> then no. >> love him. bat dad. >> that's hilarious. >> how great is that. >> that's a great dad. >> that's comic genius too. >> man, he's got the michael keaton batman voice. >> no, that's more the christian bale. >> maybe. >> do they actually listen to him? >> they probably tuned him out by now. >> i think so. >> they're just having a good time. they love the fact that dad's
9:08 am
having fun. >> more dads need to have fun like that. >> there's one where he surprises his wife. honey, you said you'd be ready 20 minutes ago. she's in the bathroom. >> what i hate about that, i wish i had thought of that. >> i know. >> i wish i had thought about that. >> brilliant. >> it's done now. >> blake wilson, roswell, georgia. >> you are a genius. >> keep them going. we love them. >> al, you're back from colorado. you got a chance to interview the vice president of the united states. >> he took a tour along with craig fugate from fema of the flooding out there in colorado and he was, you know, really instrumental in making some people feel better and helping to cut through some red tape. so i think people really appreciated him being there. >> he did reissue the invite to get him to come here and host the show with us. >> the invitation is open at any time for you to come do the "today" show. >> i may need a job.
9:09 am
thank you. >> you'd be great. thank you, sir. thank you so much. >> he didn't say no. >> he didn't? >> no. >> i think that door is wide open still. >> you have a thing, you have a bromance. >> when a guy steps out of the inauguration parade to shake someone's hand, that's more than a bromance. >> he keeps talking about getting in trouble with the secret service. he was like this guy got me in trouble. i was like you will come over. come over vice president biden. shake my hand. >> oh my word. >> he's terrific. >> i love the way he talks. man, i saw roker, man. i couldn't resist it. secret service is scrambling around. incredible. how about a look at the weather? >> let's see what we have for you. today, wet weather in florida. more rain in the pacific northwest. cooler temperatures making their way into the plains. gorgeous day down through the south. the south texas area on into
9:10 am
southern california, 79 in l.a. today. a chilly 71 degrees meterologist here. it's not looking that good when it comes to the wind we're expecting today. for that america's cup race. we're expecting winds to really pick up out of the northwest. about 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained gusts. 35 to 40 miles per hour. we'll have it for you here on nbc bay area. 77 in livermore. by tomorrow temperatures start to drop off. then thursday and friday we're expecting a return of the 08s. and that's your latest weather. >> we can't stop talking about batdad. >> we're all talking like this now. >> he's our new hero. >> the exciting the medical news that suggests the aging process maybe can be reversed. >> too late for me. >> right after this. >> are you going to [ woman ] gorgeous grains at your service.
9:11 am
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it is just about impossible to keep up with all the health studies that come at you every week so we're doing it for you. there's new research on the reversal of aging and getting rid of your fears while you sleep. >> that sounds too good to be true but here with the round up is assistant professor of medicine and the director of gynecology at norwalk hospital. we talked about good news in the fight against the flu. what are we talking about? >> every year we tell our patients get the flu shot but it's not 100% effective and it only protects you against three
9:15 am
or four strains of the flu. so now there's a study looking at an approach in creating a flu vaccine that makes people create more of their t-cells that will fight all types of viruss and it maybe a more broader flu vaccine. it may lead to a more universal flu shot. >> extremely promising but in the meantime get the flu vaccine. get the ones out there. every year you need to get another one. last year's doesn't cover you this year. the young, the old, pregnant patients, get your flu vaccine. this is the time to do it. >> by next season we get the universal flu vaccine or down the road? >> a couple of years. >> this next one is exciting. healthy life style can lead to the reversal of cell aging, what does that mean? >> i love this. he's really the grandfather of life style intervention, effecting disease or preventing disease and now his group at ucla looked at a group of men.
9:16 am
it was about 30 men with prostate cancer. strict vegetarian diet, meditation and yoga which i love and exercise and he did find that actually their chromosomes, if you think about the plastic caps on the ends of shoe laces, this is what protects them from damage, those were lengthened and we think that can help prevent cancer down the road, aging in general. pretty remarkable stuff. >> we know that these little caps at the end of the dna shorten overtime. so the youth have really long ones and as you get older and age more you get shorter ones. that has to do with aging. things that are bad for you shorten them. this shows us that behaving properly can increase the length of them. but be careful because we're going to get the audience googling now and there's like a thousand out there claiming to lengthen them. this is early stuff. so yes associated with youth and
9:17 am
vitality and also associated with cancer cells so be careful what you put in your system. it's not available for mainstream. incredible new study but forget them for now. just eat healthy and exercise and medication. >> i just came back from a health and wellness conference in colorado and one was to test them based on saliva. >> dna there's nothing you can do to change it but we are learning now you can. >> i love the sound of this. doctors can get rid of certain fears while you sleep. how does this work? >> okay. so it was a small study again. >> yeah. >> but they actually took some subjects and they made them afraid of certain things. they exposed them to electron shocks associated with a certain odor and when they were sleeping they had them exposed to the odor. when they woke up those exposed during sleep were no longer afraid of the odor or shock.
9:18 am
our brain is processing information in interesting ways and we may be able to use that time to overcome phobias, a fear of crowds or flying. we always say we have enough hours in the day, maybe we use the sleep hours. >> how would this work as a practical matter. >> i have no idea. >> i was like what's the practical aspect. they're giving electrical shocks to people and then in their sleep. it's fascinating because you can effect things in your sleep. this is the beginning. god knows what's happening to my wife listening to my snoring all night long. but, there are 40 million people in the united states that has anxiety disorders and if we can find a way to effect that without using medications, maybe odors or sounds or things in our sleep. it will be fantastic. early though. >> we'll call you skeptical on that one. >> all right. thank you. great stuff as always. coming up next, all the news headlines before you head out the door this morning. >> let's talk honestly with each
9:19 am
other. skinny jeans just not for everybody. >> come on willie. >> just not for everybody. >> we have the right pair of ♪ [ female announcer ] no one says to wake up and touch or see or taste or hear the roses. they say to wake up and smell the roses. because scent makes us feel like nothing else can. inspired by the best feelings in the world. glade. sc johnson. a family company. started using bb cream about a year ago. it's great because it hydrates, it's a foundation, it's a concealer, it's a primer, it has sunscreen... i love it. and it's really quick. that is very helpful, for me. i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
taking a look at the headlines, marriage can give you an advantage in the battle against cancer. harvard-lead researchers found that married patients are 50% more likely to receive appropriate treatment and survive.
9:23 am
they have their cancer diagnos at earlier stages and benefit from having emotional support. >> halloween over a month away and analysts expect americans to spend $7 billion to celebrate. and they say we'll shell out more than $300 million so our pets can dress up as well. >> well, disney is changing it's policy for people with disabilities. until now, disables guests will be ushered to the front of the lines for rides at the disney theme park. then came a report from jeff rossen that some were abusing the system by hiring the disabled to get themselves on rides quicker so now disabled guests will have to go to the ride and come back at a designated time. >> today burger king is launching lower calorie fries. it says the new crinkle cut fries have 20% fewer calories and they have the same ingredients and customers shouldn't taste any difference. >> the latest powerball
9:24 am
millionaire has come forward. well, sort of. he turned in his winning ticket monday and wants to remain anonymous. he is married. he has a dog and he stopped at the store the day of the $400 million drawing for hot dog buns and ended up with millions instead. that was a good grocery store outing. a new study finds maps are a good thing, especially for children in preschools. the study found children that take midday naps in reschool learned more and remembered more than those that did not. a crowded nursery in china for 14 pandas born there. on monday they were introduced to the public and each other for the first time. what is cuter than a baby panda? try all 14 of them. just a little bit of cuteness to add to your morning. back to willie, al, and mel b. >> 14 pandas. >> satsfries though.
9:25 am
>> they the best. >> mel and i go head to head [ female announcer ] enjoying breakfast together is a pretty wonderful thing. but when you have a picky eater... won't touch this. it can be a bit of a dance. ♪ won't touch this. ♪ won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ female announcer ] eggo waffles can win over the pickiest of eaters so everyone can enjoy breakfast...together. can't touch this. ♪ [ girl ] l'eggo my eggo™. cinnamon and sugar so delicious. oh yeah. the cinna-sweet taste you just can't resist.
9:26 am
cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares®. >> good morning to you. it is 9:26. two men are in custody this morning after hitting and killing an innocent bystander in oakland as they fled the scene of a shooting. the men are accused of shooting at a home in a car at 28 &ed rugdale street. the suspect's car then crashed into a vehicle on bancroft avenue. the driver of that vehicle was killed. the two suspects are faesing vehicular manslaughter charges. police are trying to figure out why ae gunman in aa car opened fire on another car overnight. three people were driving on university avenue near bay street when someone pulled up behind them and began shooting. two people were grazed by bullets. the third person was not hurt. police say they are now looking
9:27 am
for a motive and also the gunman. 49ers linebacker aldon smith has reportedly entered rehab. reports smith will miss about a month as he gets treatment. the team put him on nonplaying status yesterday and said it will only be brought back if he is cleared by doctors. smith was arrested for dui on friday. well, heel we'll check the forecast and traffic after the break. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪
9:28 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. >> welcome back. what a beautiful day shaping up across the bay area. temperatures are warming nicely. we've got the low 70s out there. hopefully. then america's cup race will be able to happen. you can catch all that action live right here on nbc bay area starting at 1:00 p.m. we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast in just a minute. now a check of your drive. here's mike. >> a south section of 101. this is in palo alto, and things are bogged down coming towards us. southbound 101 to university a very slow spot you see here. we look at the map.
9:29 am
very slow through san mateo as well. coming across the 92 san mateo bridge. a little better, and you still have a good volume. dunbarton you bridge looking much better. south 880 slow all the way down through hayward, morning city, and fremont. starting to move a little better, but as you get towards 237. there you have your south bay. all the northbound routes still looking pretty slow. 87. it's actually starting to clear into downtown. >> about time. >> yeah. thanks, mike. >> we'll be back at 9:56 with our next local news update.
9:30 am
welcome back to today it's tuesday morning, september 24th, 2013. a glorious day in new york city. i'm willie geist along with al, natalie, mel b. helping us out this week. >> i like pauley d. >> jersey shore fan. >> yeah. >> do you like the jersey shore? >> i've been there, yeah, with the kids. >> how does everybody here deal with mothers-in-law? feel good about it? >> yeah. >> i get along with mine. >> does your husband get along with yours? >> not so much. my mother is fiesty. >> shocking.
9:31 am
>> another study. it says seeing your mother-in-law is good for you. weekly contact with your mother but also with your mother-in-law. >> these guys have been in the outback. she looks good by comparison. >> see your mother-in-law once a week and you will be happy. >> once a week, i think in small bursts. >> feels like a lot. >> even if it's just a drive-by. how are you doing? >> if it's next door like everybody loves raymond and they're knocking on the door it can be tough. >> i loved my mom. i loved her but she could be tough and deborah got t in a sense, the imbalance because she saw my mom all the time where as deborah's mom is in georgia so i wouldn't see her that much. >> i wish i have something snarky so say. but i have a great mother-in-law. she lives in new jersey. >> you're a good man. you're on tv. >> also i have known her since i was 11 years old so she's part
9:32 am
of the family. >> kind of an eddie haskell type. >> that's how i got in the door. >> you looked fantastic miss cleaver. i thought it was your younger sister. >> then i reveal the real me. >> hi, how are you. give me some fries? >> batdad comes back to haunt us. >> see your mother-in-law once a week america or australia. >> all right. here we go. let's see what we've got for you. it is raining like crazy and has been down in florida and it's just going to continue. why? because we've had this stationary front that's been literally hanging around for about a week and a half. low pressure is going to develop along it and as it does, that rain comes in and it's just going to keep falling. so here's what we've got for you. flash flood watches, flood watches and flood warnings from jacksonville all the way to fort myers. we're talking about another 3 to
9:33 am
5 inches of rain through tomorrow and especially in central florida. so been good morning. the time now is 9:33. we're looking at pretty comfortable day. wanted to start with the live picture. this is where you can see just a few midlevel clouds. overall, though, looking good. temperatures today are going to end up in the 70s. as we head throughout the end of the week, expecting a warmup, but we will see the 70s for the next couple of days. feeling like fall. even smells like fall out there. hope you have a fantastic day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: today's style is brought to you by dove clear
9:34 am
tone deoderant. >> finding the perfect pair of jeans, whether you're a woman with curves or a guy with a beer belly, you have to work with what you've got. >> that's right. here is men's health director and women's health director. good to see you both. >> good morning. >> tell me about the bigs mistakes people make buying a pair of jeans. >> men and women wear jeans that just don't fit their body right. they're too big or they're too tight and it ends up ruining your entire shape. so finding the right fit is obviously the most important thing. >> don't you think sometimes people try to go with the trend and maybe the trend isn't the best for them? >> yeah, you have to cure rate what trends work best for your body. because they work great in the run way or in the store doesn't mean they look best for you. >> we have models, women and men. we'll see what jeans work for them. what are we looking at here. >> she is our pear shaped model
9:35 am
and when you're pear-shaped, you want to consider -- >> pear-shaped means. >> curvy around the hips? >> curvy around the hips. it has a negative connotation but it's not a bad thing. you have to consider streamlining and contouring your lower halves. >> i love her curves. >> she looks amazing in these jeans. you need something with volume on the bottom to balance out your lower half. so think of bell or flair or boot cut jean. you also need something dark so you don't go with any distress or fading around the thighs because that can make you look wider. >> do you like this look? >> i do. >> let's look at the guys. jeff, what are we camouflaging. >> he is in great shape but has a few extra pounds which a lot of us have. >> you have been outed on national tv. >> he's a great candidate for
9:36 am
this. but get the right rise and the right fit. >> now, what does rise mean? >> so rise is the length from the crotch to the top of your jeans. this is a mid-rise jean. that means a three or four inch zipper. anything lower and you're in dangerous low rise jeans territory. anything higher is a dad jean. >> can't have a dad jean. >> no dad jean. >> what constitutes that? >> high-rise, long butt, never do it. >> not even on dads. >> no. >> you're looking good. let's bring out mary and we're talking petite. >> mary is our petite model and curvy. she wants jeans that elongate her body and also jeans that will show case her curves without distorting her proportions. she is wearing loft and they're very dark which is great because that just elongates the body and you don't want any distress.
9:37 am
you don't want any rhinestones. nothing to ruin the long clean line. >> and skinny jean cut. >> yeah, skinny or straight would be great. they have to be hemmed right at the ankle so they don't puddle around your ankles or go over your shoes. >> thanks. looking good. let's bring out mike our next model. this is a term i learned today. crotch problems. he has crotch problems. >> a lot of guys say this part of their jean is very uncomfortable. the zipper is constricting, the jeans might be too tight so they buy jeans way too big and then they look dumpy. they have diaper butt. >> don't want that. >> this is a new waistless jean made of recycled plastic bottles which is cool but it has a button fly that's more forgiving
9:38 am
than a zipper. if you can grab more than a handful of material, they don't fit. >> all right. we're talking full figure. >> when you're like that you can't look like you're poured into them. >> is the flair look back in fashion? >> it goes in and out but if it works for your body type keep that in consideration. you have to consider fabric. fabric is important. it has to be substantial. it has to have stretch for comfort but it has to suck you in. there's jeans out there that has shape in. the miracle suit is one type. we kept in dark because dark is slimming but if you want to wear a color you can go with a rich like a navy or burgandy. >> looking good.
9:39 am
let's bring out travis who tragically has flat butt. >> travis thinks he has a flat butt. i don't necessarily agree with him. >> but the jeans are making him have a flat butt. >> these jeans are fixing his flat butt problem. >> if you think that that's a problem, it's all about the pocket. you want a pocket that's going to fit a little higher. it's a smaller pocket but it sits higher on your rear. that's going to accentuate everything better. that just drags everything down. >> we like a booty. everybody like ace booty. >> even on a guy? >> yeah. >> guys like it too. guys want to have a good butt in their jeans. >> sure they do. >> they have a little bit of stretch which also helps accentuate a guy's curve. >> flat butt, crotch problems. very enlightening. thank you so all of you. coming up next, one girl's drive to deliver fashion and some hope to teenage girls in need. that's right after this. peris test pa
9:40 am
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9:43 am
back now with our continuing series hope to it and one amazing young lady's mission to help girls in need. >> she knows just how tough it is to be a teen today, especially for someone that can't afford clothes. >> so she is hoping to make a difference in young girls lives one outfit at a time. >> you can tell right away, this is no ordinary truck. >> i love pink. i just think it's cute.
9:44 am
it stands out so much. >> it carries the dreams of many teen girls. a chance to feel special. >> what about this? >> this tricked out 18 wheeler boutique recently travelled 48 states handing out clothes to girls in need. at the helm, 18-year-old allison alstrom. >> it's for girls in foster care or group homes or extreme situations of poverty to get two head to toe out fits free. >> she started the organization nearly four years ago. her mission, boost the confidence and self-esteem of young girls by giving them new fashionable clothing. >> i looked for things that would make me feel confident. i found a dress and skirt and shirt. >> i found some beautiful dresses and a nice top. i am very happy and super excited. >> i got very cool exsen trick looking things for back to school and it's great because my budget is low so this
9:45 am
opportunity is amazing for me right now. >> threads for teens also operates a boutique in northern california to help local girls, like 17-year-old page weatherly. >> i entered foster care at 17 and before that i lived in a low income family. my mom handed me over to the system. she gave up custody of me. i'm just drifting around until i figure things out. >> paige's entire wardrobe fits into this one backpack. >> i really like this. >> but after an hour at threads for teens, paige has renewed self-confidence. >> oh, yeah. i felt part of upper class. >> and for her future. >> the clothes allison had given me, i ended up going and wearing the clothes to my first job interview at the mall and i got that job. so that was pretty cool. >> great organization. so far, more than 2,000 girls have been outfitted and new clothes and for more information on threads for teens and how you can nominate girls to receive clothes go to
9:46 am
>> it makes such a difference. >> does good for a teen's confidence to feel good and look good. >> coming up mel and i will be squaring off in a kitchen duel. ♪ [ male announcer ] riley is always there to give a hand with the groceries. ♪ that's real love. and so is giving him real tasty food. introducing new woof delights from iams. some wet food has gluten and artificial flavors. iams has real meat and eggs in our tasty chunks. ♪ now that's real love and so is giving a hand with the dishes. keep love strong with new iams woof delights. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop! [ pop ]
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the juicy dragon... they show funny videos to a giggly dragon. he laughs so hard that he cries super-juicy tears and they put 'em into starburst. a juicy dragon? [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. there are lots of jamie"jamies" out there,... huh? but that doesn't mean we're all the same. just like greek yogurts. that's why i prefer activia greek. you got that right jamie, there's nothing like it! exactly, because activia greek is the only greek with exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis, and it helps regulate your digestive system. i love its thick creamy texture! mmm! the greek nonfat yogurt that helps tummies smile! activia greek... like no other greek yogurt. ♪ dannon it's an underground cooking battle going on in restaurant afs the doors close, well now it's coming to television in
9:50 am
night fight. >> two chefs go head to head with a secret ingredient and turning it into incredible dishes. >> here with us is the host of night fight. good to see you. >> how are you? >> tell us about this. it's something we were doing for a long time. nothing to do with television, local chefs in los angeles, they come to my restaurant and i give them great ingredients, sometimes live ingredients and they have one hour. so it's bare bones. >> we're making a hopple popple? >> yes. >> what's that? >> something my father used to do out of leftovers. >> they're the best. >> you have one minute. >> wait, you started before me. >> let's go. come on. >> so you have corn, little bits of chicken, bacon.
9:51 am
mel already has -- >> i got it. >> she is already winning. >> my dad used to sauté all the stuff and then finish with the eggs. >> see, i'm finishing with the eggs. that's exactly what i'm doing. >> i like my eggs first. >> i like my corn and onions burned a little bit. >> that's the way i like it. >> this is garlic. >> go, you guys have no time. come on. >> okay, you know what, let's get this party started. >> you're doing an omelet? why are you doing an omelet? >> it's breakfast time. >> you eat your breakfast at like 4:00 in the morning, though. >> it's noontime somewhere. >> i don't even think your rice is going to be warm. >> come on, al. >> how long do we have left? >> we're done. >> oh, she has a raw egg. >> but that's fine.
9:52 am
it finishes in the pan with the leftover heat. >> get it on a plate let's go. >> stop cooking, al, stop cooking. come on. get it on the plate. come on. >> hold on. >> that's okay. i like runny eggs. >> oh, i like runny eggs. oh, mel's looks so much better. wow, somebody is in the tank for mel. >> are you ready? is that it? are you done? fresh herbs or anything. >> you didn't even use your chicken. >> i don't want to use my chicken. >> you don't? >> no. >> i used all of mine. >> the moment of truth. this one looks a little more modern and als looks more traditional. >> that's the kind of guy i am. >> that's good. >> it is?
9:53 am
>> let's see. all right. on the show when a chef wins we always have the knife, someone wins someone almost won. so, for today, we have a coffee cup. more appropriate. >> all right. >> the winner of this knife fight is mel b. >> of course. >> yes. >> you can catch it tonight on the esquire network. okay. on nbc esquire network. this is today on nby. [ slurps ]
9:54 am
[ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies.
9:55 am
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9:56 am
it is 9:56. police now say a group of teenagers is responseible for a brutal attack that left an east bay man in a coma wrash david lamont was attacked outside his home on middleton place near
9:57 am
liver stop place. police say the father of two went outside just after midnight saturday morning to ask some people to stop being so loud. when he didn't come back inside, his wife went out to look for him. she found him unconscious and bleeding right in front of their home. an oakland neighborhood is trying to figure out how to rebuild this morning after a fire damaged a centerpiece of its community. the fire tore through the zion first church of god in christ yesterday. firefighters were able to get it under control, but not before it caused $900,000 in damages. you will likely notice that today is a little cooler than yesterday. let's check the forecast. good tuesday morning to you. well, it's all about the 70s for today. temperatures dropping off from yesterday from about five to eight degrees in some instances, and that means a much cooler day on tap. 77 degrees in livermore. about 72 degrees right here in
9:58 am
beautiful san jose. as we get into the next couple of days, temperatures are going to drp off even more so. expecting a few showers on wednesday. we'll warm you up and clear you out thursday into friday. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike. >> good morning. we're going to look over here near 280. as we come towards you on the scene, still bogged down at 880. 17 overcrossing. it switched in direction on this map. an arrow pointing towards coming towards us. the big bog down towards downtown. a stretch of 208 that's very slow. 101 also bogs down from tully past the airport, and 85 starts to show some easing. then a problem through san mateo, and a smooth drive along the east bay. southbound 101. >> thanks. back at 10:26 with our next local update. [ wind howling ]
9:59 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
10:00 am
this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and it's a beautiful tuesday, it's national punctuation day with an exscla mags point. >> do you like people who tweet or send you messages with lots of exclamation points? >> one's enough. >> just checking. >> thanks for asking. >> we'd like to say, yeah, with lots of exclamation points because -- >> because civilization has now come to an end. >> dead stop. >> dead stop. we are, hoda and -- hoda and myself and i, see this "daily
10:01 am
news" newspaper, one of the great staples of life in new york city, we are columnists! >> how did that happen? >> i don't know, but it's a big mistake. >> i don't know. it's going to be bad, not for us, for them. we start -- we met with them this morning. what we're going to do is meet with a couple of the editors there on a monday morning. i guess the column will be in the newspapers on thursday. >> isn't this an apropos headline? >> pig and a poke. anyway, let us know what you think. we're kind of excited. what scares me about the written word is that you lose tone. >> yeah. >> so much of what we say is done tongue in cheek -- >> right. >> -- or with an eyeball, the rolf an eye. >> if you read something that was offensive, remember, it was a joke. >> it was a joke. >> we have some great, spectacular news. this is the best news we've had in the last couple of weeks at least. >> yes. >> guess what? we have a bar. >> it's over there. matthew -- >> we have some very cute guys
10:02 am
at our bar. >> yeah, we're drinking. >> hi, guys. >> we're drinking. >> nice to be with us. >> they're blocking the actual bar, but it's back there. there it is. >> that's the bar? >> okay. that bar is -- >> i thought it was -- you call that a bar? >> we're 21. >> i know we spent a lot of money on the set, but really. >> that is wimpy. >> that is wimpy. >> brought one from home that is better than that. >> hoda is better because her voice is back. >> my voice is back, guys. it began last night. i have to say, it felt good to see the old coaches together. this group with christina and cee lo back in the mix. >> christina is looking amazing, i hear. >> she looks insane. >> wow. she's lost like 50 pounds or something. >> wow. >> she lost all this weight. you can tell she's got a different -- there's a different vibe about her, i think, this year as opposed to last. let's watch. they kicked it off with a musical number which was great "i love rock and roll."
10:03 am
♪ saw you dancing by the rhythm machine ♪ ♪ i knew he must have been about 17 ♪ ♪ and the beat was going strong playing my favorite song ♪ ♪ and i could tell that it wouldn't be long until she was with me ♪ ♪ yeah me ♪ i could tell it wouldn't be long that she was with me ♪ ♪ yeah, me ♪ singing i, i love rock and role, put another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪ ♪ i love rock and roll >> that was great. that was awesome. we shut point out that blake shelton is going to be here with us tomorrow. >> are you bringing in your blake? >> my dog? >> blake can meet blake. that will be fun. >> we should do these while they're hot and go to that. you know what i'm saying? >> they're not going to be tasty when they're cold. take a break. >> we'll come right back. >> hoda, they're going cold. >> these are the hot new -- >> we hope they're still hot.
10:04 am
>> burger king fries. >> satis fries. >> they're 30% less fat. >> see, they're already cold. >> 270 calories and 11 grams of fat versus 340 calories, the other ones, and 15 grams. >> so it all ads up. i had the old one, which was always satisfying. >> this is the new one. >> these are the new ones, the crinkle ones. >> i'm confused. >> fries are a vehicle for ketchup for me. >> you know? >> you like those better? >> i can't say i love them better, but if i had a hankering for a french fry and i was trying to lose a little weight, it is good. >> that's good. the chinkl crinkly one is diffe >> now we can talk about "the voice." >> these are good. they are. >> so they had those blind auditions. you remember when the chairs are turned backwards. it's so exciting.
10:05 am
let's take a look at a couple of them ♪ i'm a shooting double fist the drinking son of a gun ♪ ♪ i'm gonna have a little fun. i'm gonna get me some ♪ >> i have to go with blake. >> you're amazing. >> thank you. ♪ >> watch this. >> four. >> i'll go with christina. >> oh. >> i'm waiting for you. ♪ you are so beautiful >> adam. >> oh, let's watch this. watch, watch, watch, watch what happens! >> look at christina. she's just won the competition
10:06 am
right there. just won the competition. >> christina wanted her so badly. >> yeah. okay. so it's going to be really great this season. it airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. >> that will be great. this is a piece of video that is going to make you -- it makes your heart feel so good. we love seeing these videos when the soldiers get to see their children after they've been away on a tour of duty for some time. this is staff sergeant mike howe surprising his daughter and stepdaughter from connecticut. he was returning home from his fourth tour of duty. take a look. >> daddy! >> oh. >> oh. >> can you not leave?
10:07 am
>> oh. >> we were already crying this morning talking about our own dads and how much we miss them. well, that's precious. >> what are we going to do about kanye? >> have a fry. >> wow. that was a long one! >> wow. >> i've never seen one that long. >> this has nothing to do with kanye, but let's go ahead and talk about kanye. >> all right. so kanye west -- >> yes. >> -- gave a new interview to the bbc. >> yeah. >> this is how he describes himself. the number one rock star on the planet. saying, rap is a new rock and roll. we, the new rock and roll stars, i'm the biggest one of them of all. i'm the number one rock star on the planet. >> about his fame. >> i've got to a point that michael jackson did not break down. first of all, on what is it, exclamation day. i've reached the glass ceiling and i've been on it the last ten years. on his last album he said. >> i show people that i
10:08 am
understand how to make perfect my twisted dark fantasy could be considered to be perfect. that was his last, what, cd? >> ever. >> album. on jay z he said jay z is more realized than me. >> than i am. >> he said than me. >> i know, than me. more of his dreams and aspirations have come true. i am so frustrated and i've got a million people telling me why i can't do it. >> on kim he said this. she did everything. she gave me everything. she gave me a support position. she was in a powerful enough position to love me without asking me for money. >> which is really hard for me to find. >> now that part makes sense. >> i guess. >> it does. i have a couple of friends that are very, very wealthy. >> yeah. >> how do you ever know if somebody truly loves you for you, you know? >> yeah. >> unless the person has an equal amount of money, how are you going to know? >> how are you going to know for sure. >> i guess you don't. >> let somebody else tell you
10:09 am
you're terrific. i can't stand it when anybody boasts like that. let somebody else say t okay? >> right. right. you don't say it. >> no. it's the biggest turnoff in the world. >> i completely agree. this next piece of video is going to make you feel so warm and fuzzy. >> what's computut computer -- than one pand da? >> 14. >> they were born at one research center. >> the first time they were allowed to play together as a group. >> they're not playing. >> they're laying. maybe it was lay together as a group. oh, my god, look at them in the crib. now i guess they're healthy enough where they can interact and not worry about catching diseases. >> i can't even stand it. >> oh, my god. >> they just don't look real. no. no. no. okay. we're trying a pineapple vanilla martini today. >> are we? >> it's booze day tuesday. >> taste. >> no.
10:10 am
>> come on. >> not with my french fries. >> i have my standards. >> pretty good. >> vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and chambule. >> we have a couple of smoking hot stars from "chicago fire." are jesse and taylor barking up the right tree? >> how funny is that? >> what's he doing here? >> i don't know. he's crashing. >> the wine. >> we like that, buddy. y surfac. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper.
10:11 am
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i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. they're strong.
10:14 am
>> they're fearless. >> they happen to be pretty easy on the eyes. the cast of "chicago fire" is back for a second high octane season. they want to add to their crew at fire house 51 putting out a call for a top fire house dog to get a cameo appearance on the show. >> here is jesse spencer and taylor kinny. >> hello. welcome back. >> had you individually, never as a duo. >> this is great. >> tell us about the new season. i know this is always a fun time for you guys. >> we launch tonight. season two comes out where we're very excited to come back. we've got a high octane show. >> of course you do. >> last season it was very much about the sort of internal struggles and this season i feel like we sort of band together. we have a lot of external influences coming to try and separate us. >> good and bad. you have to have that tension. it has such an authentic feel to
10:15 am
this. >> it really did. >> did you ever want to be firefighters? my little kid, cody, wanted to go to the fire house every day. that was his favorite thing. >> i think it's great. the city of chicago, they really rally behind us and what we're doing. as for me when i was a kid, i wanted to be an airplane. >> you wanted to be an airplane. >> anything. it's kind of one of those things that you put it on a pedestal. >> you went along with firemen on actual calls to see what life was like? >> sure. we still do. we kind of move in. >> really? >> it's a free place to sleep and eat. >> what did you learn on the road? >> to be honest? >> yes. >> patience. there's so much like bs runs, people forget their meds or it's a false call. you know, they actually have to wait around a long time. there are certain periods throughout the year when there's, you know, like st. patty's day.
10:16 am
>> 4th of july. >> where they're very busy. >> in the winter they have calls, people grill in their apartments, like in their bath tubs. >> inside? >> there will be a charcoal grill and they light their apartment on fire. they respond to some guy -- >> wanted a cheese burger. >> some guy wanted hot dogs. >> on your show pouch is your dog. what kind of attention has pooch gotten? >> enough to initiate a contest that we have a top fire house dog across the country. we had some submissions from fire houses across the country. >> oh, my god. >> how many submissions did you have? >> hundreds if not thousands. >> yeah, lots. >> i have a friend who submitted himself. he's a firefighter in san francisco, san bruno. he heard about this contest a few weeks ago and submitted himself as a top dog. i said, no, it's not for you. >> okay. all right. >> we have three. >> we have lieutenant todd
10:17 am
warwick and smokey. where are you guys? hello. how are you? >> nice to see you. >> tell us about why you think smokey is the right top dog? >> in november 2009 the fire department responded to a house fire and we found out all the occupants were out and there were four dogs in there. dogs are part of the family, too. >> sure. >> we got three of them out and she was actually in the room of origin. she was only six weeks old and brought her out. i wish i had some old pictures of her. they were doing mouth to mouth and cpr on her because she was dead. got her going again. >> she lost her tail though, right? >> well, yeah. the owners bobbed her tail but, anyhow, the owners couldn't afford the care for her so they department know what they were going to do with her and we were going to adopt her. she's a true fire house dog. she stays at the fire house all the time. she has her own bunk. >> she's a sweetie. >> she gets a lot of love.
10:18 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. next up is ryan penrod. >> this is the one we saw the picture. >> hi. how are we doing, sweetie. >> tell us why your dog should be top dog. >> wilshire is a fire house dog. we rescued him. he was brought to the fire station by a 10-year-old little girl and her parents couldn't keep her. he was headed to the pound or with us. we've had him for about six years and he's just been outstanding. we take him around to schools and large events where he stops, drops, rolls, does all kinds of tricks for people. teaches them all about fire safety. here's a wilshire card. >> going to go to his head. thank you. >> wilshire going to do a trick? >> oh, okay. nice! >> wow. >> thank you, hon. >> bye, wilshire. >> last up we have eileen orvin and dempsey. >> hello. tell us what happened to dempsey? >> dempsey was intentionally
10:19 am
burned. >> oh. >> so i saw his story and put in for his adoption and used him to educate kids about the danger of fire. if it can do it to him it can do it to you. >> a 10-year-old kid who was cruel. >> teenager that did this. >> what's going to happen with his leg? >> he has had ten surgeries to help make his mobility more pain free. >> wow. thank you so much. so, tell us what's in store for the winner? >> the winner gets a cameo -- >> let dempsey stay right there. >> yeah. she's taking the spot. >> that's totally fine. >> the winner gets a cameo. you can vote >> yeah. >> october 1st they'll announce a winner. >> right. okay. >> thank you so much. >> just for the voting go to
10:20 am check "chicago fire" tonight on nbc. >> what's going on fwlak? >> he's going to bite your butt. >> roll. >> oh. >> stop, drop and roll! >> oh. >> roll. >> oh, nice. >> dempsey, you don't have to do it, honey. >> all righty. >> we have our bobbie thomas after this. eart.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
how to turn that bottle of wine into fancy cocktails for your next party. >> then bobbie thomas plays stylist to the stars and shows how she would have dressed celebrities. >> guess who's back? >> is it the hussey? >> matthew hussey is ready to answer your relationship questions. >> who are you chatting with? >> erica, who has a question for us today. erica, what's your question? >> here's my question. is it a good or a bad idea to stay friends with your ex-boyfriend? >> bad. >> whoa. >> bad. >> we're going to be answering that in a few minutes. >> we already answered it. >> okay. >> we have a lot more questions answered after your local news. >> yes. >> i want a french fry. oh hey bernice. do i know you?
10:25 am
i'm jay, and you're not nearly as old looking as these other ladies. oh, well thank you. [ chuckles ] bernice! he's a liquid gold digger. oh! he preys on women who cook with velveeta. be quiet helen. uh! [ male announcer ] liquid gold diggers love liquid gold. for our so slimming jeans. meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. slim, smooth, flatter. the so slimming collection. only at chico's and the triple-groove wand combs through for clump-free length. while a potion with strengthening proteins
10:26 am
drenches lashes for spellbinding volume. do you believe in magic? dare to be revlon. ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious good morning, everyone. it's 10:26. two men in custody this morning after hitting and killing a bystander as they fled the skaen scene of a shooting. they are accused of shooting at a home and car. the suspect's car then crashed
10:27 am
through another vehicle on bamcroft avenue. the owner of that vehicle was the one killed in the crash. the two suspects are now facing vehicular manslaughter charges. in east palo alto police are trying to figure out why a gunman in a car opened fire on another overnight. police there say three people were driving on university avenue near bay street. someone pulled up behind them and started shooting. two people were grazed by bullets. the third not hurt. police say here still looking for a motive. in pleasanton this morning police say they have brought several teens in for questioning in the beating attack of a home owner there. we'll be back with weather in just a minute.
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> welcome back. tuesday morning. those winds are really starting to pick up. especially at the immediate coast. up in the north bay where they will be the strongest today. everybody is going to be breezy. 72 degrees on the way to san jose. 66 in san francisco. will the america's cup race be able to go on? i don't think so. we'll have a full report for you today at 11:00. let's check your drive once more. here's mike. >> things are faebl starting to calm down. really sticking point at charlie south of dunbarton bridge. let's look at the map. all the we down past and down towards 237 where earlier crashes are finally cleared. your northbound routes are finally showing a lot better. back to you. >> all right.
10:30 am
mike, thank you. more local news and weather. see you then. ♪ ♪ we are back with more of "today" on this tuesday. time for the other view, when we try to get to the bottom of what men are really thinking when it comes to dating. >> who better to ask than relationship coach and author of "get the guy" matthew hussey. >> hello, matthew. >> he's so darn cute he has his own cartoon and everything. >> we have a question for erica. >> yes, we did. erica asked us a question. >> is it good to stay in touch. >> or stay friendly with your ex? >> yeah. my question to erica is, who is it that ended it? was it -- erica, can you hear us? >> i can hear you. >> who ended it, was it you or him? >> i would say in the situation it would probably be me. >> probably be you. >> so, in other words, staying
10:31 am
friends with him isn't helping him? >> i don't think so. >> no. >> yeah. >> here's an answer. if you were the one who got rid of the person, being friends isn't helping them. and if they were the one that ended it with you, being friends with you isn't helping you. >> so the answer's no. >> the answer is until you get to a point where you can genuinely say, this is platonic. i don't feel anything, and they don't, too. it's really easy to be the one doing the dumping. you and i should be friends after this. >> yeah. >> a difference between being friends and being friendly. >> being friendly -- >> being friendly is one thing. >> that's good. >> wait until you hear the person on the receiving end who's the one being dumped right now. rarely do you hear that person go, but should we be friends? they're hurting. >> and until you're happy, there was a great quote that said something like it's so much easy to forget when you're happy, when you've moved on. >> exactly. it has to be you and them that has moved on. >> we hope that's helpful,
10:32 am
erica. i would turn around and speak to you but it's not possible. >> okay. >> good luck. thank you, erica. >> all right. >> who's next? >> leah? is she skype? >> we have leah. >> she says my fiance doesn't ever want to do anything with me. >> wow. >> doesn't sound great. >> get married? >> no matter how many times i try to ask or plan something. he just wants to sit at home and he blames it on being tired from work. what do i do? >> he wants to stay at home and be with her and not go out and do stuff. >> any number of issues come down to the way i communicate. she has to first find an emotionally neutral moment to communicate with him. don't wait until the next time that you're really angry and he's sitting on the sofa and you go, see, it's happened again. >> maybe it's that low t thing. he has low testosterone. >> we could read into a situation like that. we've got to investigate. >> okay. >> go on. >> if she gets into an emotionally neutral moment and goes, okay, here's how i feel.
10:33 am
firstly, show that you empathize and want to help. i know that you're tired from work. i know you're busy. is there anything i can do. third, show what you actually want. don't just make it about going out, make it about the fact that you want to go out with him. that's going to play to the part of him that feels good. not just i'm a woman, i want to go out. you know what, it was exciting when you and i used to go out. >> maybe it never was though. who knows. >> maybe she should join a bowling league. >> the fourth part of that is she has to then say, okay, this is -- i mean, a bowling league. >> i think bowling is so much fun. >> it is fun. >> she needs to find her fun away from him. he's going to get lonely if she's out bowling every night. think it through, matthew. >> this is where it comes in. he's going to get lonely if she's out bowling. >> that will go in my next book. the fourth part is, give him a minute to change. don't expect it to change tonight. don't give him a lifetime but give him a minute. >> all right. >> why? >> i think that's all we have. >> that's it?
10:34 am
>> that's really it. >> yeah, brilliant. >> thank you, matt through. >> coming up, the stars rock their looks on the emmy red carpet, but our girl bobbie says she can kick up the glam factor. you can, too. >> all right, b.p. let's see what you've got next. [ female announcer ] introducing quaker real medleys bars and oatmeal plus! real fruit plus real nuts plus real multigrains equals real delicious! quaker real medleys, your on-the-go burst of goodness! quaker up.
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10:38 am
all right. it's time for today's style and we are taking some of the looks you saw on the emmy red carpet from good to so good. >> "today" style editor, bobbie thomas, with small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to the wow factor. you are looking more wow than ever. >> fab, fab. >> thank you so much. jump right in. so fun. wave my fashion wand over. >> connie briton and elizabeth moss. what did you think? >> i liked the dresses, i wanted to swap them. thought it would be fun to see connie in something a little more modern and clean so that her hair that all of us women
10:39 am
emmy -- >> great here. >> see the swap, you will see that the black and white really allows that to be her accessory and then you will see -- >> oh. >> right? >> i love the silhouette on her. gives her a more balanced frame. i think it looks fresh and youthful.i love the silhouette . gives her a more balanced frame. i think it looks fresh and youthful. on elizabeth moss, see the vintage look a gatsby, the haircut balances the vintage feel and i felt it was fun. >> who made the black and white one? >> gosh. the one, not armani is it? i had it in the notes. total brain fart. i like it, especially on connie's frame. >> next to caylee quo co-. >> what i didn't love was the horizontal line that the halter had on her frame because she is such a beautiful girl. son what i wanted to do was extend the top to give her a
10:40 am
little something different on the net neck line to better balance. we see the after, i also decided to nix a few of the bracelets, i think this balances her frame better, to have the halter neckline, when you see the whole dress as a whole. >> i love that neckline, too. the new one that you created. >> i think it's hard, if you have strong shoulders, you really want to make sure you don't add a horizontal line where the shoulders are, that will make them look wider. >> okay. >> all right. >> move on to tina fey. >> tina. now, this was good, i love tina, i thought this was such a wow dress. the only thing i wanted to do was accessorize, to have fun. so when you see the after, not loving these -- i love the statement drop pendant because it's a really flattering illusion, it gives you a line, and i thought it just added the sort of glamorous, edgy touch at the same time. and so, i don't know, just something different, i gave her a little bit of a different bracelet, too. >> funny how one thing elongates. >> rodriguez such a master of
10:41 am
tailoring. >> make that for her, do you think? >> he probably did nip and tuck it perfectly. >> carrie underwood. >> i want to go to the after so you can see the side by side. accident like the volume. i think -- >> too much. >> i wanted to see something sexier, she is a hot, young girl. i thought this was the same idea with the black belt, but just to take the volume down and show off those great legs. >> yeah. young, got that body. >> kerry washington is the last one? >> for me, personally, a taste, a style thing. if you like the more romantic, a lot of people love this dress. i couldn't help but want to maybe see her in something a little more fashion forward because she is fashion forward. so, i picked this really fantastic jumpsuit that had the rhinestones up in the top and i don't know, i just wanted to have this -- >> marchesa? >> marchesa, very romantic and bridal and she looks so good in
10:42 am
these light colors. >> everybody's awards. >> have you seen "scandal" olivia pope? i just want you to send me the coats when you're done, done with the show, i want all your coats from olivia pope's closet. such a fashion plate now, i thought she could get away with something like this. >> really cool. >> bobbie, thank you. >> thank you, bobster. you know what time it is? >> no, hoda. >> what is it? >> time to hit the floor. >> finally. leslie is making cocktails. >> oh, goody. >> that's right. what? cocktails with wine, you say? >> are you serious? >> are you sure? >> right after. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
behaves like the surface of your skin. now watch what soap does to it. ♪ soap strips your skin. dove is different. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap.
10:45 am
10:46 am
if you like to entertain and feel the need to keep your bar stocked with all sorts of libations, we're going to tell you all you need is a bottle of wine. >> whether into reds, whites or bubbly, leslie sprok co-author of the simple and savvy wine guide says it is easy to create
10:47 am
a cocktail every taste. joining her in the bar -- >> because she wanted to. >> her assistant, bobbie. >> i'm the sous chef. >> i'm going to get you shaking and stirring and -- >> let's shake and stir. >> talking wine cocktails. >> like to get double-duty out of things. i think if you start out with wine it is booze day tuesday. accessorize with it. i want you guys grab your cocktail here. >> which one, the champagne? >> i did a sparkling sunrise. bobbie this is yours. >> i like that you said accessorize. >> starting out with the basic prosecco, rubina prosecco. >> that is nice. >> named this for the nbc sunrise. i'm using you balsamic vinegar. >> stop it. >> seriously. >> balsamic, the sweet kind, just a little touch, a little elder flower liqueur, a tiny bit and topping it off with prosecco, boom, voila, adds earthiness. >> never thought either of those other two things were in there.
10:48 am
>> very simple. put bobbie to work. >> love mint. i can smell that. >> grab your white wine glass, ladies. off the basics, basic black dress and add the access source now. bobbie, i'm going to give you a glass of this. this is the butari mu schsprofe from greece. to get the last waning days of heat, you can add a little mint. very simple. bobby, take the little mint and you can stir it up, muddle it a little bit, crush t. >> what does that do? >> releasing all the aromas of the mint and the basil. then add a little bit of -- >> doesn't look as pretty. >> really going to be this one? >> then why are we drinking the other one? >> then, boom, gonna put a -- tonic water in it.
10:49 am
>> you can get that, too. >> this is called the herbal delight. >> i like that. what do you think? >> breakfast. >> makes you feel -- >> healthy. >> herbs. you can eat the herbs. our final one -- >> that is really good p. >> remember, making a wine cocktail, you want to start out with good wine. you don't want to drink bad wine. this is a wonderful shiraz from pen folds, canuga hills. $15. >> australian wine, isn't it? yes, it's good. >> take a taste of that wine. >> how do you know in the store what is good wine or not? >> you trust me. you just buy it and try it. okay? >> then bobbie now you're going to get to work. make fall san glee ya. you add a little bit of orange juice, i put somber ries on the bottom of this and muddle it had or stirred it up, now, bobbie poured the whole thing of cognac in there >> oh, bobbie. >> been trained.
10:50 am
>> cognac. she did the whole thing. i love you, ms. bobbie. >> all right. cheers. >> cheers, everybody. favorite, hoda? not this one. this one. yay. >> better by itself. >> thank you, leslie. imagine this, imagine never having a bad hair day again? >> is it possible? the award-winning hair product, stunning, absolutely stunning all the time. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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there are hundreds of hair products that promise to take care of frizz or add volume but never know which ones really work until you try t. >> the folks at "prevention" magazine did all the trying for you. they recruited 125 testers to sample more than 150 beauty projects for the annual prevention beauty awards. >> here with the winner -- >> i love this.
10:54 am
executive editor, schiff von. >> exciting segment. >> you know we do our beauty awards differently, test them, we went to an independent scientific lab and had our products tested for detangling and shine. >> best shampoo? >> the best detangler also. from dove, daily moisture shampoo, under $4, get it at any drugstore. beat out even the fancy, high-end, expensive -- >> the best news for everybody. >> for everybody. >> duh. >> available at the drugstore. >> another drugstore buy, this one from pantene, the age defy conditioner. >> the conditioner? >> contains three ingredients proven in a study to increase the volume of your hair by 10%. that is pretty great. >> all hair types? >> all hair types, volumizing and very rich, doesn't weigh it down. you don't get that sort of -- >> paying for name and we are paying for -- >> in some cases -- >> packaging. >> hair color. this is is amazing, we enlisted
10:55 am
the best colorists in the business, chose this one, $10, available at drug stores, garnier ole ya, no ammonia, taking a cue from salons, using oil to penetrate these into the shaft, so the color locks at a deeper level. if you want to cover gray, leave it on five minutes. >> the best hairspray? >> amy is showing us the best hairspray. this one, touch her hair, aha amazing you, no crunch. >> put it to the test in florida humid weather, curly hair. >> who is making this one? we can't see from back here? >> altern nah. >> okay. how about a smoothing stylist. >> so check out her hair, used it on one side and not the other. so this is -- >> the crazy side. >> wow. >> this is an incredible product, from redken. >> so pretty, like a perfume. >> a us it before you shampoo, use it after the, our experts like it, it doesn't contain silicone with i can build up on the hair and cause dullness. >> looks great.
10:56 am
>> what about a volumizer -- >> this product is wonderful. we used volume -- we used a volumize he shall on one side of her hair this is from organics, at drug stores. >> you can see the difference. >> you can it contains collagen, which binds to the hair. >> like collagen. >> that's different segment, okay? >> our winner. >> all right. thank you. great. >> thank you, everybody. >> thank you all so much. tomorrow, a very, very big day. >> a huge day. >> two blakes are going to be with us tomorrow. >> blake shelton. >> big one and little one. >> i'm going to bring in my dog. >> two blakes and bill hader. and paula deen's son, jamie deen, cook up southern comfort. looking forward to having him. >> have a great booze day tuesday, everybody. guess what comes tomorrow? >> what? >> winesday wednesday. have an awesome day, everybody.
10:57 am
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>> good morning. john kelly has the day off. we are learning new details about a brutal attack this put a bay area man into a coma. police in pleasanton say they are interviewing several teenagers in this case. nbc bay area christy smith is live in pleasanton now, and says, christy, despite the new developments, investigators still haven't made any arrests. >> no, they deputy give out a whole lot of information this morning, but they did tell us that 51-year-old david lamont is still in a coma in a hospital here in the east bay unable to speak after that brutal attack that he suffered over the weekend. they do tell us that they are questioning a number of juvenile persons of interest that they say no one has been


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